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Slots with fast loading times

The iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil

We had already placed several articles already about the technology behind the Yggdrasil slots. As a gambler you will probably ask yourself why you should care and how some underlying computer system applies to you in the first place. The answer to that question is actually quite simple. With a better system you will get better games that also function properly on all kinds of devices. With the new iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil you will no longer have to deal with a loading screen that seems to get stuck for an eternity. You can now also play the best slots on your iPhone, iPad, android smartphone or tablet. The iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil will enable you to gamble on all popular mobile devices!

Faster loading times for slots

First of all the iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil leads to slots with fast loading times at your favourite online casino. This is perhaps the most important reason for gamblers who like to play on their computer or on their laptop, because nothing is as annoying as having to wait. Games that run on the new system that was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming have an average loading time of only 6.5 seconds and that is of course very decent. It won’t matter what kind of device you are using, because as long as your smartphone, tablet or computer works properly then the Yggdrasil slots will load super-fast!

Playing slots on mobile without any issues

As was mentioned before, the new iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil will make it possible for mobile devices to run your games properly as well. This gives you the opportunity to gamble with the best casino slots while on the couch, in your bed or while sitting in public transportation. The only thing that you need to do is go to your favourite Yggdrasil mobile casino with your smartphone or your tablet and log into your account. Hold the screen horizontally for the best user experience and try your luck from whatever location you wish. Mobile gambling was already possible with the original iSense technology, but with the coming of the iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil everything runs much smoother, which greatly improves your gambling experience.

Properly functioning HTML5 framework

Most people won’t know or care about the fancy HTML5 framework that is behind the new iSense 2.0 platform. To keep things brief, this technology makes it possible to for example release a game on desktop and mobile at the same time. That way you will no longer need to wait on a mobile version of a game, as used to be the case in the past. Of course this was already possible with the first version of iSense, but the HTML5 framework remains a very important part of the underlying technology, even though this is not an entirely new thing.

Which games have this technology?

At this particular time the newest Yggdrasil slots already have the new iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil. This includes the Dark Joker Rizes slot, the Joker Millions slot, the Cyrus the Virus slot, the Chibeasties slot and of course the upcoming Vikings Go Wild slot. But at this time the new system is currently being integrated with the previously released games. That means that absolutely all Yggdrasil slots will soon run on the iSense 2.0 platform and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages while gambling at the Yggdrasil casino of your choice.

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