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Joker Millions jackpot

The Joker Millions jackpot dropped!

Secretly we all dream of winning a jackpot at a casino. The one moment you are minding your own business and gambling on your favourite slot, but suddenly there is a ridiculous amount of money in your account. This is exactly what happened to one lucky player while she was trying her luck on the Joker Millions slot by Yggdrasil. The Norwegian lady had been playing for less than half an hour after which she got an unbelievable surprise. Suddenly she was 720.000 euros richer! Your life is thrown completely upside down when you win that kind of money, but we are guessing that Kim from Norway doesn’t have any issues with that right now.

How do I win this jackpot?

If you want to win the Joker Millions jackpot then you will first need to play the Joker Millions slot for real money at an online casino. You will have to try your luck until the bonus game is activated, which happens when a joker symbol is shown on all five reels. The rest of the screen will then keep spinning for as long as more jokers are added to the bunch. Of course every joker will end up giving you more money, but you will need to collect them all in order to get that jackpot. When the entire screen is full of jokers then you are the lucky winner of the Joker Millions jackpot and the amount that you won will be shown in the top of your screen.

How big is this jackpot?

Right after the jackpot drops you can win around 100.000 euros. That is of course a very nice figure, but it will get gradually bigger as people play on it. Thereby it is possible that the Joker Millions jackpot is won when it is well over a million euros. Today the winner walked away with a 720.000 euros prize, so this Norwegian player will not be sorry that she tried her luck at her favourite Yggdrasil casino. Are you looking to win the next jackpot?

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