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new website of Mr Green

The new website of Mr Green

They always had a good looking website, but that is something that is to be expected of an online casino like Mr Green. Just a few days ago they introduced a completely new design that is supposed to be a bit more of this time. This change means a number a good things for you, like for example full responsiveness, better mobile functionality and a more modern type of navigation. This makes the new website of Mr Green even nicer, more fun and more convenient to place a wager at this online casino. Clearly we are quite enthusiastic about this new responsive website of Mr Green and will tell you why that is the case.

Nothing beats a responsive website

One of the most important aspects of the new website of Mr Green is that it is now fully responsive, just like for example the website of Yggdrasil casino. What does that mean exactly? Try making the window with your internet browser a bit smaller, about to the size of a tablet or a smartphone. As you can see, the screen is automatically changed to what it should look like on a mobile device. The way the website is shown is thereby optimised automatically, regardless of the type of screen that you use to open the page.

Better mobile gambling

It speaks for itself that a responsive website will only make it better and easier for mobile gamblers. An online casino with a separate mobile casino tends to have issues with compatibility. As a result of this, the website might not be displayed properly on a certain type of phone. If you prefer playing with your smartphone or tablet it is definitely a good idea to gamble at a modern mobile casino, like for example LeoVegas or now at Mr Green. Register an account at this casino straight away, especially if you are reading this from a mobile device right now!

Modern navigation looks good, but it is also practical

You can see in the newer versions of Windows that square navigation tiles are slowly replacing the old fashioned lists with links. This concept is now also used on the new website of Mr Green and it seems to work perfectly fine. Also, we shouldn’t forget that it is a lot easier to navigate to a page this way when you are looking at the website with a mobile device.

Effortless gaming at Mr Green

It was always fun to play at this online casino, but with the new website of Mr Green it has only become easier and more convenient. While they offer a huge amount of games, it is very easy to find your favourite slot by using the search function. That way you can use those hundreds of euros in bonus from your welcome package the way you like! Visit the new website of Mr Green now and register an account within a matter of minutes. That way you will find out first hand why we are so enthusiastic.

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