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The pros and cons of advent calendars

There are a lot of different online casinos that like to organise advent calendars or special promotional offers during the holidays. They like to advertise with these offers a lot and they will tell you that they are giving away lots of free things. In this article we will have a look at whether or not this is actually true and we will also explain the pros and cons of advent calendars. This should give you enough information to form your own opinion about whether or not you should participate in advent calendar or Christmas offers at the online casinos where you like to play.
Examples of offers during the holidays

For starters we can distinguish two different types of online casinos during the holidays in terms of offers. Firstly there are casinos that stick to a carefully planned advent calendar and furthermore there are websites that will simply organise a couple of fun promotional offers. Pretty much every online casino will come up with something during the holidays, because that is of course a wonderful opportunity to set up a fun promotional offer. For example, Klaver Casino does not have an advent calendar, while they do like to give away a bunch of extra free spins in December. Other proprietors such as LeoVegas and Mr Green however have daily offers including lots of bonuses and free spins that you as a player can make use of.

The value of these bonuses and free spins

It may be clear that the bonus costs of online casinos go through the roof in December. They will come up with the one offer after the other and they don’t really have another choice, because the competition will do the same thing. The value of these offers mostly depends on the bonus terms and conditions, but as long as you play at one of the Yggdrasil casino websites that are recommended by us you will not have to worry about those. A deposit bonus actually will give you a significantly bigger chance to walk away with a win and free spins are simply a nice opportunity to win some money without having to make a deposit.

The disadvantages of Christmas offers

But if bonuses and free spins only work in your favour, what exactly are the disadvantages? When it comes to chances of winning there any real cons, but outside of that we might be able to come up with a couple of things. For example, friends and family tend to ask for more attention during the holidays. It may be the case that they start to feel neglected if you end up gambling on the internet every single day. Make sure that you do not play more than is good for you, as is the case with most things that are fun. For all that matters, the biggest disadvantage of advent calendars is that you need to log into your account every single day. Of course that shouldn’t take too much of your time, but you might not always have the time for that.

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