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jokerizer bonus game

Types of bonus games

A number of different bonus games can be found when playing the different Yggdrasil videoslots, like for example the famous Jokerizer slot or the new Reef Run slot. This regards a special type of extra game which you can enable with a little bit of luck. This may happen when a special function is activated in a videoslot, like for example with the Jokerizer slot. It is also possible that you need to collect a number of bonus symbols before the secret extra game is activated, like with the Reef Run slot. When you make the rolls spin while playing in one of the bonus games, your winning chances are going up sky high. This is the moment most people are waiting for when they play fruit machines. While playing the bonus games you usually do not risk losing a single penny, while the winnings generally only go up. Most super big wins in online gambling are generally found in a lucky session after activating one of the many bonus games.

This is no different with the Yggdrasil slots. The principal of this whole thing is slightly different in the Jokerizer slot. You can make use of the so called Jokerizer mode after collecting any random type of win. With the money that you win in a random combination you can continue playing in the bonus games. From that moment on your winning odds are going up significantly and you may win some amazing prizes while playing the Jokerizer slot. To look at it from a technical point of view, the general return to player (RTP) goes from a decent 88.8% to an absolutely insane 106.1% when you start playing in the Jokerizer slot bonus games. This means that the game will give significantly more wins than it takes while playing the Jokerizer slot. That is something no other online casino game can be proud of. The special features like the joker symbols start showing more from the moment on as well, meaning that the big wins have a higher chance of occurring also. As soon as you think that you have won enough in the Jokerizer slot you can collect your winnings and end the special game mode. Other than with most other bonus games out there, the special mode of the Jokerizer slot can be stopped any time you please. This will give you a chance to stop at the right time exactly and pay out a wonderufl prize.

The Reef Run slot offers completely different bonus games than the Jokerizer slot. When you play the Reef Run slot you need to start looking for the free spins symbols. These are shown in the game as sea shells and you need to collect at least three of them in one screen. When you collect those three free spins symbols you will receive ten free spins with which you can play in the bonus games. If you manage to get even more sea shell symbols in the Reef Run slot then that means you will also get more free spins. With four free spins symbols you will get twenty free spins, and with five symbols that ends up being no less than sixty spins! As soon as the bonus games of the Reef Run slot are activated you can do a number of plays without charge while your winnings are collected as usual. This is somewhat different when it comes to the Jokerizer slot, because in that game you will keep paying for every spin, but for a much higher chance of winning. During the free spins of the Reef Run slot the existing features will become even more special. The multipliers that are shown in the sides of your screen are made to be much higher. This can lead to receiving twenty times your regular win while playing the bonus games in the Reef Run slot!

It may be clear that the bonus games in the Reef Run slot are quite a lot different than those in the Jokerizer slot. When it comes to the setup of the game and the way you play it, the Yggdrasil slots can be quite different. Every single one of them is unique, with its own special ways of winning a wonderful prize. This includes clear bonus games in the Jokerizer slot and the Reef Run slot, but there are also other special features available when it comes to other slots. These so called features that are found in the Yggdrasil slots have very specila effects and will turn your game upside down! Think of the amazing respin feature that can be found in the Winterberries slot. This will give you a free additional spin whenever you make a random combination in the game. Every time this combination is made bigger with additional symbols you will get a respin, letting you play more without any additional charge! This way you can play for free, but the special features of the Winterberries slot are still quite different from the bonus games in the Jokerizer slot or the Reef Run slot.

This of course does not mean that videoslots other than the Jokerizer slot or the Reef Run slot are less special in any way. Bonus games can make an online casino game unique and make it even more special. They can also be found in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Yggdrasil slots have plenty of amazing features to get you that super big win or a huge dose of entertainment. Whether you start playing the Jokerizer slot, the Reef Run slot of any other type of game in the Yggdrasil slots, your odds will always be good and your playing experience will undoubtedly be great. Read more about the bonus games that can be found in e.g. the Jokerizer slot and the Reef Run slot on the concerning pages on this website. On this website you can also find where these bonus games can be played for real money. You may win some unbelievable prizes with the Jokerizer slot of the Reef Run slot at one of the selected Yggdrasil casino websites! When it comes to online gambling, most player will say you should be looking for bonus games. Try it now with the Ygdrasil slots that offer bonus games like the Jokerizer slot or the Reef Run slot!

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