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VIP bonus at Klaver Casino

We all know the image of the big gambler who is being treated like an absolute king in the casino. He gets his drinks for free and he can ask for pretty much anything else which is then paid for by the establishment. A loyal player or a gambler who played with a relatively large amount of money on the internet can also count on some fun gifts. Of course it is a bit difficult to give a free drink through a computer screen, but an online casino can definitely arrange some extra playing money. For example, at Klaver Casino you can count for a nice VIP bonus which can go up to a huge amount of money. Would you like to know the best part of this special offer? This VIP bonus at Klaver Casino is available for all depositing players, so you don’t even need to have a special status in order to qualify for this promotional offer!
An extra-large VIP bonus for everyone

Of course loyal players and big gamblers will regularly get an extra bonus, but this offer anyone can make use of. The reason why it is a VIP bonus in our eyes is because it is mostly suitable for gamblers who like to play with large amounts of money. The Friday bonus of Klaver Casino on the 22nd of January concerns a deposit bonus of 25% up to a maximum of 500 euros. So if you want to make optimal use of this offer then you would have to make a single deposit of 2000 euros. Of course you can also get a bonus by making a deposit that is a bit smaller in size, but with a maximum amount of 500 euros this VIP bonus at Klaver Casino is especially good for big gamblers.

Make use of this promotional offer

This Friday bonus of 25% up to 500 euros can be claimed by registered and depositing players at Klaver Casino no the 22nd of January. Did you miss this specific opportunity to play with a VIP bonus at Klaver Casino? Then all you need to do is wait for the next one. They regularly have offers like this at this Yggdrasil casino and all you need to do in order to qualify is register an account, play for real money and then keep an eye on your email. If you are a big gambler then you can of course also simply contact customer service for a nice bonus, because they can usually arrange something nice for a big money player as well.

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