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slots with a tree

What are the slots with a tree?

The name of the online casino software developer Yggdrasil is not known by every single player. It is of course a term that is not very simple and it certainly isn’t easy to spell. People who enjoy online slots will thereby probably recognize this developer by the symbol that is shown in their screens when the games load. When they speak of these videoslots then these are often mentioned as those slots with a tree in the loading screen. This looks like the image of a tree which is filled clockwise with colour. Underneath you can see the name of Yggdrasil Gaming, but it is completely understandable that most people do not keep looking at their screens while the game is still loading.

Why slots with a tree?

Now you may recognize the different games by Yggdrasil as those slots with a tree, but that does not yet explain why it looks the way it does. Why is it a tree and why would anyone choose such a difficult name for an online casino software developer? This can all be answered with the question: What is Yggdrasil? This term originally comes from the Norse mythology and it is the name for the tree of ash. This can now also be found in the slots with a tree, since Yggdrasil Gaming is a Scandinavian company by origin. They could of course have thought of a name that was a bit easier to spell, but at least it is original. Also this makes the loading image of slots with a tree look very pretty and interesting.

Other types of games

Next to slots with a tree you can find this loading screen symbol in other types of online casino games. Next to Yggdrasil slots there are also Yggdrasil scratch cards available that have been made by the same developer. These are digital scratching cards which sometimes even offer a jackpot win that can go up to no less than five million euros. There are also Yggdrasil lotto games that are available as both a software version and as a version with a live draw through a video stream from the studio. The tree of Yggdrasil can therefore be found in all kinds of different casino games. Just like the slots with a tree you can play them for dree right here on this website. Simply visit the page of the game that you wish to play for free and play with free playing money. You will always get 5000 euro of fake money to play with so that you can try the videoslot, the scratch card or the lotto game as much as you like. As a result you will be well prepared for when you start to play for real money with the casino games by Yggdrasil.

Where to play them?

When you are looking around on this website it will quickly become obvious where you can play the slots with a tree. At Yggdrasil Casino we recommend only the very best and most reliable online casinos that offer the most amazing games. In the right side of your screen you will find our selection that has been made by using several different factors. If you want to know more about how we select a casino then you can see this in the online casino reviews that are given for every single recommended casino on this website. By using the links to those casinos you can make an account and play the slots with the tree for real money without ever having to worry about a lack of reliability or quality.

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