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What is Yggdrasil?

The name Yggdrasil finds its origins in the Norse mythology. It symbolises a great tree made of ashes, which holds heaven and earth together. This idea can also be found in the software of Yggdrasil Gaming. Their logo happens to be a large tree of ash, and you will find this right in the middle of your screen when you open up once of their games. By this time, the logo can be found as a trademark for the very best online casino games. This answers the questions what is Yggdrasil or who is Yggdrasil. It is also very relevant that the name has its origins in the Norse mythology, because Yggdrasil is originally a Swedish brand. At this point they are located in Malta, just like many other casino related companies. This means that they are in the EU, and will be held to very strict European laws and regulations.


what is yggdrasilPlaying with the games of Yggdrasil is not only fun but also very safe. The Yggdrasil slots are extensively checked by several different authorities. Firstly this was done by the LGA (Lotteries and Gaming Authority) in Malta, under the license LGA/CL4/850/2012 and secondly by Curacao eGaming under the license No. 1668/JAZ. By checking these licenses you can be absolutely sure that these are fair games for the players at an online casino. An online casino that offers these games can thereby sooner be seen as a truly reliable online casino. For starters, the payback percentages of the games by Yggdrasil gaming are very high. The technical term for a payback percentage is the RTP, or the ‘return to player’. This can be for example 80% at an old fashioned slot machine, but the video slots of Yggdrasil have percentages somewhere between the 96,75% and the 98%. Thereby you can certainly assume that you are in the right place with these games if you enjoy placing a wager once in a while. Do keep in mind that these percentages have been calculated over many millions of playing rounds. That means that it is in fact possible to have bad luck over a period of time, or to suddenly receive some enormous winnings. What is Yggdrasil if you don’t get to gamble a bit? This is a factor which an online casino cannot influence in any way. Once they offer a game, it is impossible for them to influence it.


jokerizer slotYggdrasil gaming is a relatively new brand in the online casino world. But what is Yggdrasil or who is Yggdrasil? It is a new corporation which will be facing off with famous names in the online casino scene such as Netent, Novomatic and Microgaming. Originally they built a strong reputation for themselves with their lottery games, such as 3D Video Keno, Classic Scratch, and now also Lotto 7. The last game is also streamed daily, and players are able to win 2,5 million euros every single day with much higher chances than with any national lottery. By this point Yggdrasil gaming also released a number of fantastic Yggdrasil slots. On these slots they applied the new and innovative iSENSE technology. The iSENSE technology is applicable to different mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets with Android. This means that the games can be played perfectly fine on a mobile casino. Of course this technology was immediately applied on the first released Jokerizer slot. A second technology that has been implemented is the ‘tap reels’ feature. With this function you can stop the autospins quickly and easily by clicking your mouse a single time. This is much harder with other manufacturers, which can be annoying for experienced players.

The video slots of Yggdrasil are as modern and of this time as can be, this is what is Yggdrasil. They look fantastic with the very best animations, and they all have a unique atmosphere. The sounds fit perfectly with the games for all that matters as well. Mostly, the video slots are very original in their setup. This means that there is certainly no attempt made to copy an already existing product. These games are absolutely unique, and will undoubtedly be much appreciated by all experienced online casino player out there. That is why we highly recommend you to go and try these brilliant new games at least once at a reliable Yggdrasil casino.


Since the Jokerizer slot there have been a number of other releases, such as the Winterberries slot and the Robotnik slot. The modern casino software of Yggdrasil is becoming more known amongst the regular online casino players, which is why there is a growing demand. It speaks for itself that the assortment was adopted by a number of the best and biggest online casinos immediately. At such an Yggdrasil casino all the best games that are described on this website can be played at your heart’s desire. An Yggdrasil casino is easily recognizable. It must offer the games that show the logo in your screen when they are started in the casino lobby. So when you start up a game and you see the great tree of ash in the middle of your screen, you’ll know that you have come to the right place!

Disclaimer is an independent website which is not connected to Yggdrasil Gaming. This website shows the latest news about the software by Yggdrasil Gaming and the online casinos that offer this software. The official website of Yggdrasil Gaming can be found here.