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Jokerizer Mode

The term Jokerizer mode has quickly become more well known in the online casino world. It is a very interesting game feature that can only be found in the Yggdrasil videoslots. The idea behind this function is extremely fun and very original. This should also be the reason why the games with Jokerizer mode became so popular so fast. This special feature can only be found in the well-known Jokerizer slot and The Dark Joker Rizes slot, which have quite a few things in common as a game. Of course there are a number of very important differences to be found, but those will be covered later in this page. The Jokerizer mode is a special game feature which is activated on any random win in the basic mode. It does not matter what kind of win this is, as long as you win coins. On that moment the Jokerizer mode is activated automatically and you as a player can end it whenever you wish. Of course this is not always a good idea, because you can win especially big while playing in this game mode.


jokerizer slotWhen the Jokerizer mode is activated, your odds will technically also go up. The so called return to player (RTP) of the game is significantly higher when you are playing in this game mode. This means that it is very much in your advantage to keep playing in Jokerizer mode up to a certain point. The moment to go back to the main game is when you are about to hit the so-called win cap. This has been fixed on 6000 points, so when you are close to reaching this limit you should stop playing in Jokerizer mode. If you would keep playing then you might get another big win, however it will not be added to your balance. The cap means that there is a limited amount of coins to be won while playing in the Jokerizer mode. Let’s be fair, otherwise it would be far too easy to win lots of money! When it comes to the working of this feature it might make you think of the classic Mega Joker slot by Net Entertainment. Of course the slots with Jokerizer mode have been made much more modern, making them more versatile and flashy than old games with a special game feature.

dark joker rizesAs mentioned before, Jokerizer mode will be started automatically when you get a random win in the basic mode. You will then see your win in the top of your screen, which will be a separate balance to play with. There are some differences between how it works in the Jokerizer slot and in The Dark Joker Rizes slot. Before you start playing those videoslots it might be a good idea to first figure out how exactly they work. This way you can apply the necessary strategie and let the Jokerizer mode work in your favour. The first difference between the Jokerizer mode in the two games is that you always play with 20 coins per spin in the Jokerizer slot. In The Dark Joker Rizes slot you can bet either 20 or 200 coins per spin. If you choose to bet 200 coins then you get an extra advantage. In this case you are guaranteed to get one joker symbol. This is shown on the middle row in the middle reel and makes it significantly easier to get a mystery win. Mystery wins can be up to 6000 coins, so it is not a bad idea to make use of this option.

Mystery wins can be won in both the Jokerizer slot and The Dark Joker Rizes slot while playing in the basic mode. It goes for both games that it is made a whole lot easier to get a mystery win while the Jokerizer mode has been activated. In the Jokerizer slot you need at least three joker symbols for a mystery win. If these three are aligned in the middle of your screen then it is not a mystery, because you’ll get a guaranteed 6000 coins win! However the joker symbols can only be found in the middle three reels, while The Dark Joker Rizes offers them on all five. Also you will get a bonus round if you get a mystery in in The Dark Joker Rizes slot. In both games the Jokerizer mode is ended when you win a certain amount with a mystery win. In the Jokerizer mode this is 1000 coins or more, and in The Dark Joker Rizes this is 500 coins or more. Technically it does not make much of a difference in which game you are playing, because the pros and cons are made to be quite even. Both games are fun and both can make you a lot of money while playing the Jokerizer mode in an Yggdrasil casino. Make sure to be aware of all  above information and apply your tactics when placing a wager. This way gambling becomes less and less of a game of chance!

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