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What makes Yggdrasil slots so special?

Right now you are reading this article on a website that has been devoted to the games made by Yggdrasil gaming. These online casino games are of course loads of fun, but what makes them so different from the rest? There are plenty of other developers of online casino games that also make a good product, but for all we care these are not on the same level as Yggdrasil. This is because of several reasons, like the looks of the game, but also the way it works and the reliability. In this article you can read all you need to know about what makes Yggdrasil slots so special compares to all the other videoslots that you can find on the internet.


First of all the Yggdrasil slots look just great, there is almost no denying that. This developer is relatively new but they know very well how to make games. Did you know that some of the staff originally came from the most famous online casino software developer at the time? They got their experience at Netent, so they should definitely know how to make some videoslots that look amazing. Compare the Yggdrasil slots with some of the old fashioned games of less popular developers and you will immediately see the difference. Games of e.g. Novomatic are absolute classics when it comes to gambling, but they are simply no competition for Yggdrasil when it comes down to graphics. Here you will find all kinds of amazing effects and the characters look super sharp. This will only get better once a game activates one of its features.


Random flying robots in the Robotnik slot and a unique game mode with mystery wins in the Jokerizer slot. These are only two of the many original features that can be found in the Yggdrasil slots. There are plenty of games available to choose from and every single one of them has amazing features to offer. It needs to be said that this also goes for many videoslots made by other developers, but you can certainly see the improvements made by Yggdrasil. We have the idea that the older games by Netent and other developers were used as a basic example, after which the product was heavily adjusted and improved. Features like free spins and bonus games have of course existed for a long time, but in the Yggdrasil slots these have been made to work in such a way that the player can make the very most of his play time.


Having a fair chance to win is the most important thing when it comes to playing online casino games. The Yggdrasil slots all have theoretical pay-out percentages that are remarkably close to 100%, so if they would be any higher the casino would pretty much always run a loss. This is certainly not always the case when you try out your luck on the internet. With more than one developer your odds are remarkably low and in some cases these odds can even be adjusted by the casino itself. This is never the case with the Yggdrasil Casino games, which means that you can expect to play them at a reliable online casino. Our selection of the best websites for online gambling can be found in the top right of your screen. There you can play the Yggdrasil slots that are better the competition in many different ways!

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