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Stop gambling

When to stop gambling

Gambling on the internet can be loads of fun. The experience and the excitement that you get from playing appeals to many people. Furthermore it doesn’t hurt that you could possibly win a lot of money in the process. No matter how much fun it can be, in some cases and in some circumstances you may want to stop gambling. This can be recommended when there end up being more cons than pros, or better said when playing at an online casino simply isn’t fun anymore. There can be all kinds of reasons for this, ranging from a lack of pleasure to being a bit tight financially. Playing at an online casino should only be done with money that you are allowed to lose. If this is not the case then you might want to consider to stop gambling, at least temporarily. You can stop gambling in different ways and this can for the most part be arranged by the online casino where you generally like to play.
Stop temporarily

Perhaps you just don’t feel like playing any more for a while. You might have found another pastime or maybe the games just don’t appeal to you like they used to. In that case you can always take a break from playing by deciding to stop gambling temporarily. The most obvious way to do so is by simply not logging into your account at your favourite Yggdrasil casino for a certain period of time. If you have trouble keeping yourself in check while you really want to take a break then you can also close your account temporarily. An online casino website usually has this option available in your account overview, where you can choose from periods of just a few days up to several months. This way you can stop gambling without having to worry about being tempted to continue playing in that specific time period. If you are having a hard time finding this setting in your account then this can always be resolved by contacting the customer support team. If you let them know that you wish to stop gambling by email, live chat or telephone then they should be able to help you in the matter.

Stop permanently

Making the decision to stop gambling can also be made permanent. You can always close your account permanently at an Yggdrasil casino if you ask for this. In many cases this can be done by selecting an option in your account settings, or otherwise the customer support team can do this for you. Please note that it is not always that easy to undo permanently closing your account. It wouldn’t be the first time that players close their account after a bad session, after which they change their mind. In that case it may be better to cool down a bit before making a decision about whether or not you wish to stop gambling. In your personal circumstances are not appropriate to ever play at an online casino again then you may as well close your account permanently, but this is not always the case. Another reason why you might want to stop playing somewhere is because you had a bad experience with the service at an online casino. However, the chances of experience this at a reliable online casino are minimal. An Yggdrasil casino with a good reputation will do everything they can to resolve any issues you may have.

Gambling addiction

Under some circumstances, making the choice to stop gambling is an absolute must. Persons can become addicted to all kinds of things, but this is not limited to smoking, alcohol and drugs. Gambling addiction can cause serious problems for players and the people around them, both on a financial and on a social level. Most players can see they are a little bit addicted to playing, but there is a certain point where you can speak of a real gambling addiction. Just like with any other type of addiction, a player will not always want to admit to this, which means that in many cases it will need a proper amount of self-reflection as well as criticism from others before they are willing to stop gambling. An online casino is not just willing but also forced to work according to responsible gaming standards. If you are experiencing issues with gambling addiction then it is recommended to contact customer support immediately, after which they should help you to permanently close your account immediately. Finding help with your issues can be done on a number of other websites, which can also offer personalized assistance depending on your location.

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