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Where are online casinos located?

Of course it is never necessary to visit an online casino in person, because this won’t really get you anywhere. Usually you can do all the necessary communication by email, live chat or by telephone without any issues. That is how they are used to operate, so you shouldn’t expect a visitor’s centre or a waiting area in their office. Since you don’t really need to visit an online casino, you might think that it doesn’t matter where they are located. Nothing is further from the truth, because the location of an online casino says quite a lot about the reliability and their trustworthiness as a proprietor of casino games. So that leaves us with the question: Where are online casinos located?
Online casinos located in Malta

Any reliable online casino can usually be found within the borders of the European Union. This means that they are willing to follow very strict laws and regulations, so that players are protected in all kinds of ways. The most popular and the most ideal location for a casino is Malta. Every single Yggdrasil casino that we recommend is located in Malta and that is for a good reason. An online casino that is located in Malta is under very strict supervision from the MGA, the Maltese gambling authority. They are known for their professional work methods and strict supervision which makes it nearly impossible to unfairly disadvantage players. So make sure to play exclusively at the casinos that are recommended by us so that you know for sure that you won’t have to deal with shady practices.

Online casinos located outside of Europe

There are plenty of casinos that are located outside of Europe. Usually this is in South America, like for example in Curacao or in Costa Rica. It is not recommended to try your luck at an online casino that operates from one of these locations, because simply put they can get away with pretty much anything. The licenses that are given away in those countries have significantly less value than those in Malta or other countries within the EU, plus the regulation in countries like that is a lot less strict. Because of this it may even happen that your winnings are simply not paid out, or you may run into hidden terms and conditions. Those are situations that nobody wants to find themselves in. Do keep in mind that there are proprietors that have a combination of licenses. For example All Irish Casino is located in Malta, but next to their MGA license they also have a license from Curacao eGaming. Having more licenses means more regulations, so you can actually take that as a good sign.

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