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Maltese casino license

Why a Maltese casino license?

On this website we exclusively recommend online casinos that have a license in Malta. The games by Yggdrasil Gaming have all the necessary papers and approvals in that country and the same thing goes for most websites that offer these games. In this news article we will explain what is so special and important about a Maltese casino license and why this is supposed to be so much more valuable than the same piece of paper in another country. We will first have a look at the MGA, or the ‘Maltese Gaming Authority’, and then we will compare it to other countries that do the same.

The government institution MGA in Malta

Until recently, the government institution on gambling in Malta went by the name LGA, or the ‘Lotteries and Gaming Authority’. In the beginning of 2015 they decided they change their name to MGA, which stands for ‘Maltese Gaming Authority’. A casino software developer like for example Yggdrasil Gaming can go to an institution like this to ask for licenses in order to release their games. At the same time, online casinos that operate from Malta ill also need to get all the necessary licenses, so both the operator and the developer will need a bunch of papers if they want to work from that location. An important reason why a gambler might want to exclusively play at an Yggdrasil casino that is located in Malta is that they have an excellent reputation. They keep a sharp eye on operators that have a Maltese casino license and thereby all players are constantly protected against improper and unfair practices. Furthermore it should also give you a safe feeling to know that an online casino is located within the borders of the European Union.

Compared to other countries

It speaks for itself that Malta is not the only country where a casino software developer or an online casino can apply for a license. There are some other locations that are known for this, like for example Curacao and Costa Rica. Both countries are in South America, so clearly they aren’t very susceptible for criticism from the European Union. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not live up to the European standards when it comes to fair play. Sadly, history has shown that they don’t even come close to the European standard. You will find plenty of stories about jackpots that are never won and winnings that are never paid out. Of course you do not want to have to deal with things like that and that is exactly the reason why we would recommend you to stay away from operators that are located in those countries. When you are playing at a reliable online casino that has a Maltese casino license then you can safely expect fair treatment. May this not be the case then you can always fall back on the MGA in Malta, because they are there for a reason after all.

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