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Will Yggdrasil be available in the UK?

Players from all over the world have been enjoying the Yggdrasil slot for a while now. They are played by gamblers from Canada to Australia, but sadly in some countries these games are not yet available. One of those countries is the United Kingdom and the reason for that is very simple. Before an online casino software developer is allowed to have its games played by British gamblers they will first need permission from the UK Gambling Commission. Of course there is lots of paperwork and administrative nonsense connected to that and that is why the slots by Yggdrasil Gaming have not yet been made available in England and its surroundings. But will Yggdrasil be available in the UK, or not? The short answer to this question is yes, most definitely.
The application for a license

Before players from the UK can play a slot that is made by a specific developer, the company will first need to have a license that is given out by the UK Gambling Commission. At this particular moment Yggdrasil does not yet have the necessary licenses in the United Kingdom, but that should change very soon. In the press release of the 11th of November 2015, Yggdrasil Gaming had mentioned that their application for a license was officially sent in. The moment when British players can start trying their luck on the best casino games on the internet will thereby depend on how long it takes until the administrative procedure has been completed.

The UK Gambling Commission

This government institution was created in the United Kingdom when the 2005 Gambling Act was actually put into action in 2007. As a result, they took all of the responsibilities from the ‘Gaming Board for Great Britain’ in the field of casinos and lotteries. The UK Gambling Commission is also responsible for online gambling and that is also the reason why it applies to the availability of Yggdrasil slots. The official aims of the commission are to keep crime away from gambling, to guarantee that gambling takes place in a fair and open manner, and that children and vulnerable persons are protected. It shouldn’t be an issue for the average Yggdrasil casino to live up to these standards, because they generally have a very proper conduct.

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