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Win more than a million euro

Just imagine winning more than a million euro out of the blue. That would enable you to do all kinds of fun things, like for example buy your dream car of get a gorgeous new house. Of course this situation sounds too good to be true, because it doesn’t exactly happen every day that someone walks away with such a prize. But did you know that these days it is definitely doable to win more than a million euro with the help of online gambling? The Joker Millions slot is at least as fun as any other casino game on the internet, except this one has one extra feature connected to it. This makes it possible for you to win a progressive jackpot at any given moment and that could come down to a pretty incredible amount of money!

Win the Joker Millions jackpot

In recent months it has already happened twice that someone won the Joker Millions jackpot. In both cases this concerned more than a million euro, but it is already certain that the same jackpot is going to be a lot more the next time around. At this moment the jackpot of the Joker Millions slot has reached no less than €1,006,449.65 and that amount will only keep growing until the moment that it is won by a lucky player. So it is going to be a matter of waiting in order to see how big this jackpot will get, because it really is impossible to predict.

Soon also the Empire Fortune jackpot

Recently we had shared that Yggdrasil Gaming was about to come out with the Empire Fortune slot and that game would be connected to the same progressive jackpot that can be won by playing the Joker Millions slot. By now, the release date of this specific game has been moved to the 5th of October 2015, so we are going to have to wait a bit until this casino game can be played for real money at an Yggdrasil casino website. Nevertheless the announcement of the Empire Fortune slot brings a lot of hope for the future and also for higher jackpot prizes. Because when two games are connected to the same progressive jackpot then you can expect the main prize to increase much faster than before. You might even be the lucky player who walks away with the grand prize while the counter is on more than a million euro… When that happens, will you let us know?

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