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Winning odds

Winning odds at an online casino

There are many different perceptions of the winning odds at an online casino. Some people think that gambling on the internet is nothing but frauds, while others feel that online gambling is the Holy Grail when it comes to games of chance. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to put this straight once and for all, because it is absolutely understandable that the average person wouldn’t know what goes on behind the screens. Firstly it is good to know to what extent you can be confronted with fraudulent websites and secondly we need to find out whether or not the winning odds at an online casino are higher than those at a land based casino. The third thing that we will take a look at is how high the odds are for the different types of games that can be found on the internet.
Casino frauds

The scary stories that you sometimes hear about frauds may sometimes actually be true. There are some websites out there with exceptionally low chances of winning. In the few cases that there is a big win, they might even refuse to let the player make a withdrawal to his or her bank account. These clearly are practices that a reliable online casino would not want to be associated with and that a player would never want to experience first-hand. Luckily there is a simple method to avoid frauds like this. It is of course possible to do a quick google search for the casino you are considering, but you can also look at where the business is located. When it is located somewhere in South-America then you might want to keep looking, but European casinos are generally quite reliable. Winning odds at an online casino that is based in Malta are generally very decent. A reason for this is that they work with a Maltese license, meaning that they may only offer high quality games and are required to treat their players with the utmost responsibility. Clearly on our website we only recommend casinos of the highest quality that are bound to very strict laws because of their licenses.

Compared to land based casinos

The main question for new players on the internet is of course whether or not the winning odds at an online casino are higher than those at a land based casino. When you are playing at a reliable online casino then that is in fact the case for the following reasons. With table games such as roulette and blackjack there won’t be that much of a difference between a land-based casino and online gambling. Especially when you play with a live stream then the winning odds at an online casino are exactly the same, because the rules of the game are no different and nothing is controlled by software. When you try roulette or blackjack that runs on a program then this must be somehow connected to a theoretical pay out percentage, however this is usually more or less the same as the winning odds in the live casino. Just like online slots, these games are developed with a so-called RTP or ‘return to player’. This is a percentage that is paid out to the players on average. When you play a physical slot machine then you can often expect an RTP of around 80%, meaning 80 cent comes out for every euro you play. However when you play online slots then these odds are pretty much always well above 90% which is a huge difference. So if you enjoy slots then the winning odds at an online casino are significantly higher, making online gambling much more in your favour.

Different types of games

The theoretical pay out percentage of a game is strongly dependent on the software developer that made it. In general you can expect an RTP of around 95% when you play slots on the internet, making the winning odds at an online casino much higher than those at a land based casino. As a player you are probably looking to find the types of games that give you the most advantage against the house, which we are happy to share with you. There are a few developers that have significantly higher pay out percentages than the rest, such as the Yggdrasil slots that can be played for free on this website. The RTP of these games is actually around 97% which gives a very decent chance of ending up with a nice profit. Keep in mind that these percentages are provided as an average, meaning some players will be luckier than others. The best and the most reliable casinos that offer the Yggdrasil games are recommended on this website. If you wish to visit a so-called Yggdrasil casino then you can find our selection in the top right of your screen, but it is also possible to first get some more information by reading one of our casino reviews.

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