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Winning odds compared to the lottery

Something we would all like to experience some time is to win the lottery. They advertise with prizes that go up to millions of euros and this money could be yours at any time. When we are realistic we know very well that the chances of winning the lottery are not exactly high, but still many of us actually by a ticket. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to start gambling at an online casino instead of taking part in the lottery? On the internet they have different winning odds compared to the lottery and in this news article we will explain how this works exactly.
Chances of winning the lottery

It really is common knowledge that you have very little chances of winning the lottery, but still a lot of people decide to try their luck. Let’s say that you are home and you put on your coat to buy a ticket for the lottery. Statistically you have a better chance of being hit by lightning on the way to the shop than that you will actually win the lottery with the ticket that you are about to buy. That says quite a lot, doesn’t it? The chance to win the lottery is one in a couple of billion, so it really is close to impossible. Of course it is always fun to watch the results on the television, but it might be a bit more fun to actually have a fair chance to win that jackpot.

Chances of winning at an online casino

At an Yggdrasil casino your chances of winning compared to the lottery are unbelievably high. While the average pay out of the lottery is usually around 60%, the jackpot slots at an online casino are calculated to be around 95% or so. For example, the RTP of the Joker Millions slot is 95,3% and you can try your luck on this game as much and as often as you like. With an online slot like this you can also win huge amounts of money in a single hit and the customer service is a lot easier to get a hold of. Finally you do not need to walk to the shop in order to collect your prize, because everything is taken care of automatically via the internet.

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