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Yggdrasil Bonus

Every player who goes to an online casino is expecting to get enough pleasure out of his deposit. It is no fun when you happen to be down on your luck and your deposit disappears before your eyes in no time. To be sure that you get enough play time in the game, people came up with the idea of a bonus. This is used by pretty much any Yggdrasil casino, and can be used when playing for example the Yggdrasil slots. When you use this bonus money while playing these unique games, you can also see this as an Yggdrasil bonus. In order to keep playing the fantastic array of games that is available over a longer period of time, an Yggdrasil bonus is a great way to ensure this.


Yggdrasil bonus money is in fact the extra money that you receive with which you can play for longer. So even if your deposit disappears in a bad luck streak, you will not need to stop playing. A welcome bonus is perfect for this occasion. A welcome bonus is exactly what the name suggests; being a bonus that you will receive as a welcome present from an online casino. Once you have made your first deposit then it is possible that you receive this welcome bonus on top of your initial deposit, as well as free spins. The size of this Yggdrasil bonus completely depends on the current offer that is active at the casino. If you happen to be down on your luck and you lose your deposited money, the welcome bonus will still remain on your balance and is yours to play with!

Bonus imageA reload bonus is very much comparable with a welcome bonus. The only difference is that you do not receive this as a welcome gift, but as a little extra for active players. You will need to make a deposit in order to receive this type of Yggdrasil bonus. This is not the case with a so called ‘no deposit bonus’. This will usually be offered by an online casino in order to let the player try out their range of games. If the player enjoys his time there, he can still receive the welcome bonus. What it comes down to is that the no deposit bonus is free money that you may or may not receive from the casino. Reasons for this can be to try out the casino or to thank you for your custom.


Of course an Yggdrasil bonus does have the potential to be turned into real money. One euro in bonus money has the same value as a euro in cash. The only difference is that the bonus money will need to be wagered before it can be withdrawn. How long it takes before this happens entirely depends on the so called wagering requirements. This is best explained with an example situation, to show how your can turn your Yggdrasil bonus into cold hard cash.

Bonus TagLet’s say that you receive 10 euro in Yggdrasil bonus from your favorite Yggdrasil casino, with a wagering of 20x. This is yours to play with, but if you happen to get a big win then you might want to withdraw the money from your account as well. Before this is possible, the bonus will have to be wagered. Wagering the Yggdrasil bonus is done simply by placing bets. When you have played enough, the balance in your account is turned into cash money. The amount of bets that you will have to make before this happens depends on the specific requirements of this bonus. Since this bonus has a wagering of 20x, the 10 euro in Yggdrasil bonus money will have to be placed in bets 20 times before it is wagered. This means that the total amount of bets that you make will have to accumulate to a total of 20x 10 euro equals 200 euro. This is the amount of money that you will need to wager. If you happen to open one of your favorite Yggdrasil slots and you play 200 spins with a 1 euro bet, your Yggdrasil bonus is turned into cash money!


Regardless of all the benefits that an Yggdrasil bonus can give you, there are players who prefer not to play with a bonus. These players prefer not to have any wagering requirements on their account balance so that they can withdraw their money at any time. For these players, online casinos have come up with an alternative idea called cash back. When you deposit money and you get a nice big win while you are playing, you receive nothing from the casino. But in case you end up losing your deposit then the online casino will give you a cash back. The amount of money that you will receive in cash back depends on the percentage that is applied to it. If the offer is a 10% cash back on your losses, then you will receive 10% of all the deposited money you lost right back into your account the next day. Keep in mind that the money that is put on your account by the online casino is not in the form of an Yggdrasil bonus, but straight forward cash money!

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