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Yggdrasil fan site gets a new name

Players have been coming to this Yggdrasil fan site for years, because it is just a great way to get interesting information about online gambling. Here you can learn all about the products that were made by the best developer on the market, while you can also play for free on their unique games. But did you notice that we changed our name recently? We used to be called Yggdrasil Casino, but since just a few weeks ago we are going by the name Big Tree Casino. At least that way it will become entirely clear that we are an Yggdrasil fan site and not the official method of communication for the company called Yggdrasil Gaming.

The Big Tree Casino Yggdrasil fan site

Of course we don’t want anyone to confuse this Yggdrasil fan site with the official website that is used by the developer. That is also the primary reason why we changed our name to Big Tree Casino, because that way it is a lot easier to distinguish us from everybody else. We don’t have anything to do with Yggdrasil Gaming, after all… Except of course for the fact that we really like their games! So, are you looking to get in touch with the company that is responsible for making the nicest casino games on the internet? Then you can do so by visiting their official website. Do you want more information from casino experts and are you interested in getting interesting news? Then the Yggdrasil fan site called Big Tree Casino is the place for you!

For all that matters, you don’t need to expect any big changes. We have changed our name, but that’s pretty much it. We will still be a completely independent website which will educate you about the best casino games on the internet. And we won’t even make you play for real money, because we simply don’t offer any of those services. What you can do here is play with fictional credits, so that you can experiences all of the unique bonus features with no risk.

Disclaimer is an independent website which is not connected to Yggdrasil Gaming. This website shows the latest news about the software by Yggdrasil Gaming and the online casinos that offer this software. The official website of Yggdrasil Gaming can be found here.