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Yggdrasil Keno

The very first games that made name for Yggdrasil were the Yggdrasil Keno games. This caused the brand to become known for quality, even before the Yggdrasil slots were ever created This is of course for a good reason, because the Yggdrasil Keno games have a number of fantastic qualities which makes them unique in their type. They are all wonderfully designed with a number of different effects per game. Think of the magic beams that shoot from the eyes of Egyptian gods which then influence the outcome of the game. All kinds of things can happen with these special online casino games, which is why it is certainly worth a shot to try them out at least once. The bets that you need to place when playing the Yggdrasil Keno games are not extraordinarily high, however you can win some amazing prizes. Is the game too slow for your taste? Simply go to the settings in the bottom left corner of your screen and adjust the game speed.  This will let you win a big prize even faster!

Every game has a different theme, which makes sure that you can keep playing these games without ever getting bored. There are four different titles, being Beaming Canines, Medusa Eyes of Fire, Precious Anuran, and Siamese Serpents. The four different Yggdrasil Keno games are completely different when it comes to their theme and the graphics, but the basic idea of the game will remain the same. Just like with old fashioned bingo you can choose different numbers on a big card. You can choose four, eight or twelve different numbers. Your bet will remain the same, but the winnings per correct number will be different. As soon as you choose your lucky numbers in the game of your choice, the winning numbers will become known. It is also possible that a special feature is enabled, which will give you for example a larger winning or additional numbers. The Yggdrasil Keno games truly are a lot of fun to play. While the setup is much like classic bingo games, the experience is completely different. Experience the three dimensional designs of the Yggdrasil Keno games and be surprised by the special features that could be activated at any moment.


As mentioned before, there are four different Yggdrasil Keno games. The first one is called Beaming Canines. In this game the winning numbers will be pointed out by the mask of the pharaoh. If you manage to wake the Anubis guard dogs then your winnings can go sky high. These dogs will shoot beams from their eyes, seriously increasing your chances of winning. It speaks for itself that the Yggdrasil Keno game called Beaming Canines is entirely themed after Egyptian mythology. Quite a lot of gold and treasures was kept in the pyramids, now you will get a chance to get your portion by playing this wonderful game!


The second Yggdrasil Keno game is called Medusa Eyes of Fire. Many people are familiar with this person from Greek mythology. This lady had snakes instead of hair, as well as a very icy look. Whoever would look her in the eyes would turn into stone instantly. Her mighty look will now work to your advantage in the Medusa Eyes of Fire Yggdrasil Keno game. It is the looks that give you the winning numbers, but also all additional features. In a somewhat scary surrounding you will see the looks coming out of her eyes until you get that big win!


Meet the Precious Anuran in the South-American jungle in this wonderful Yggdrasil Keno game. This magic frog dominates the game, which will only be in your favour. The fireballs that this frog shoots will determine the winning numbers. The field with the numbers is rather different than with all the other Yggdrasil Keno games, because in the Precious Anuran game you will see these numbers move around. The wooden balls that show the numbers roll around a crack, making the game look even more interesting. Of course there is no lack of special features, making it equally possible to win some amazing prizes with this game.


The final Yggdrasil Keno game is clearly inspired by the Chinese dragon. The pink blossom on each side of the game truly brings out the Asian theme. The wonderfully animated Siamese Serpents are shown in the top of your screen and are ready to give you a great playing experience. If you manage to activate the special feature of the Siamese Serpents Yggdrasil keno game then you will see several dragons on top of your game. This will of course lead to even bigger chances of winning and even flashier animations.

Try the great Yggdrasil Keno games now at your favourite Yggdrasil casino. You will soon find out how these games turned Yggdrasil into the big name that it is today!

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