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Yggdrasil Lotto

There are two different Yggdrasil Lotto games available for you to play. The first one is an online casino software version and the other one gives you a live draw with a direct video feed from the studio. Both games are described on the pages below. The online version can also be played for free.

lotto 7 express
Lotto 7 Express
lotto 7 live draw
Lotto 7 Live Draw

Everyone sometimes talks about what they would do if they would win the lottery. Many people do occasionally play in the lottery, which ever lottery this may be. In many countries there are limited options when it comes to playing in the lottery. Nevertheless, it is always very exciting when the numbers are being drawn. The atmosphere gets more and more intense and the music gets louder and louder. Even the presenter will get nervous before the draw, let alone the players who are sitting on the edges of their seats holding their lottery ticket! Next to the standard lotteries that can be found in most countries there is now another option. Players can try out their luck with the Yggdrasil lotto games. The difference with regular lotteries is that you can play a lot more with the Yggdrasil lotto games. Players who enjoy these types of games of chance can thereby have a lot more fun when they decide to play the Yggdrasil lotto games. The only thing you need in order to play is an internet connection. As soon as you are online you can choose between two different types of Yggdrasil lotto games at your favorite Yggdrasil casino. These would be the video version and the live version.


The video version of the Yggdrasil lotto games does not have a presenter. This can also not be found on the television or on a video stream. This type is the lottery game that you like so much, except this one is entirely run by computer software. As a consequence you can play as much as you could possibly want. The only thing you have to do is open the game and place your bets. In no time you will see the results in your screen, and hopefully you can cash in your winnings. A primary example of this type of video based Yggdrasil lotto games is the famous Lotto 7 Express game. This game is controlled by extensively tested and certified software, and it has become extremely popular in a relatively short period of time. With this Yggdrasil lotto game you will not receive a ticket with an automatically generated number. Here you can enter for yourself which numbers you wish to play with. It is also possible to click the clover button. In that case the numbers are picked randomly to your request. With the Yggdrasil lotto this concerns five numbers between 0 and 9, and two more numbers between 1 and 30. The first five numbers will decide your winnings, and the last two numbers will function as jokers.

As soon as you hit the play button, the balls will fly through the virtual drums. Just like you are used to with the regular lottery, the balls will come from the top of the drums in the Yggdrasil lotto. Do you not have the time to wait? Then you can simply press the ‘rapid play’ button’. This way all the balls will be drawn instantly and you can see the results of your play straight away. The more of the five balls you guessed correctly, the higher your prize will be. Subsequently there will be two more balls coming from the larger drums. For every joker ball that you chose correctly in the Yggdrasil lotto, your winnings will be multiplied seven times. If you were lucky enough to choose all of the first five numbers correctly, and you managed to get a joker, you will receive the small jackpot of this Yggdrasil lotto which amounts to thousands of euros. In case you also get the second joker correct on top of that, you will receive the larger of the two Yggdrasil jackpots that can be won with the video lotto. This prize comes down to tens of thousands of euros, and will be put on your online account immediately!


The second type of Yggdrasil lotto game that can be played online is the live version called Lotto 7 Live Draw. This version does in fact have a live video stream that you can see on your computer screen. You will see a couple of beautiful ladies who will assist in the draw on your screen. The live version of the Yggdrasil lotto is not just played once a month, like many other lotteries. The live draw takes place every single day! That is why the slogan of Lotto 7 Live Draw is ‘seven numbers, seven days per week’. It is not necessary to wait with placing your bets until the draw will be made. With the live version of the Yggdrasil lotto you can bet as much as you wish in advance of the draw. This can be done for the very first next draw, but also for the entire week or even the entire month. It is even possible to subscribe to the live Yggdrasil lotto. This way you will be sure that your lucky numbers will not be drawn without you having placed your bets. The game technically works the same as the video version, but there is one very important difference. The large jackpot that you can win every single day amounts to a staggering 2.5 million euros in this game!

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