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Lotto 7 Express

The downside of playing with a lottery is that you will have to wait for the results every time. The persons who organize the lotteries can’t just keep going day and night. Next to that, you would have to reserve an entire television channel for this purpose only. When the lottery is finally drawing out the results, everything goes horribly slow and the entire process keeps dragging on and on. Luckily there is a perfect alternative for this old fashioned type of lottery. On the internet you can also play the Yggdrasil lotto games. You can do this by simply going to the Yggdrasil casino that you find the most appealing. If you already have an account, you can log in and search for the game Lotto 7 Express. This game is very comparable to the lotteries that you are used to playing. The most important difference between the old fashioned lotteries and the Lotto 7 Express is that this is entirely controlled by computer software. The game is in fact a computer program with which you can play as much as you possibly want. Of course Lotto 7 Express has been extensively tested and checked by all the concerning authorities. Thereby you can be absolutely sure that this software is completely safe and reliable when you decide to go and place a wager.

Since Lotto 7 Express runs entirely on computer software you will never need to wait for the draw again. You can get a draw as often as you could possibly want. The end of the day you are the boss when it comes to how you want the game to be played. The only thing you will need to do is place your bets and press the button. Just like with the old fashioned lotteries there will be a draw of lottery balls. These fly around in the see-through drums. One by one, these will find their way into the holders. Then you can see the results of the Lotto 7 Express right on your computer screen. With Lotto 7 Express you can choose for yourself which numbers you want to place your bets on. In total this concerns seven numbers that can be chosen. The first five numbers are those between 0 and 9 and those numbers decide whether you win something. The more of these numbers you chose correctly, the more money you will win.

This on itself can get you a very nice prize, but with Lotto 7 Express there are two numbers that can make everything much nicer. These last two numbers function as jokers. With these last two numbers you can choose between any number between 1 and 30. If you happen to pick one of these two numbers correctly, the joker of Lotto 7 Express is activated. This will multiply the winnings that you got by 7 times. The amount that you initially won is of course depending on the first five numbers. Whatever you win with those you can multiply by seven, and then you will no doubt have yourself a very nice prize. This is especially the case when all five numbers are chosen correctly, and you got a joker as well. In that case you will get the small jackpot of Lotto 7 Express, which amounts to thousands of euros! Do not forget that there are actually two jokers that you can pick. If you have all five numbers correct together with both the jokers, you will win the large jackpot of Lotto 7 Express. The large jackpot is a whole lot bigger, because this goes up to tens of thousands of euros!

This is not exactly the worst win you can have, especially considering the fact that you only need to bet 50 cents to place a single wager. On every single bet with Lotto 7 Express you have a chance of winning some of these fantastic prizes. It is also possible to get a joker without winning anything on the first five numbers. In that case you will simply receive a prize in the form of free lottery tickets! You can play for as long as you want, and your chances will not get any less as you play Lotto 7 Express. The payback percentage or the ‘return to player’ (RTP) has been calculated on 95%. Thereby you will have a better chance than with most other online casino games. If you like to play the lottery then you can have a lot of fun playing Lotto 7 Express. In this game you can play as much as you could possibly want. If you do not feel like sitting behind your computer for this, then it is still possible to play this game. Lotto 7 Express also has the option to play from mobile devices, so maybe you will win some amazing prizes by playing this wonderful Yggdrasil lotto game on your tablet or smartphone. Lotto 7 Express looks equally nice on the computer and on your mobile device. This game is worth playing for anyone and it is definitely worth a shot. You do not need to be an experienced casino player to play this game, because pretty much every one has played in the lottery before at one point. You may lose 50 cents with a losing ticket, but you can also win over 50,000 euros in the Yggdrasil jackpots. Today might be your lucky day!

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