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Yggdrasil Scratch

The Yggdrasil scratch cards are quite original and they also look pretty flashy. It is now possible to play nearly all of the different cards for free right here on this website. All you need to do is to select the image that goes with the game, after which you can play with free money and with an extensive game description at your disposal.

a cool million scratch
A Cool Million
gold bars scratch
Gold Bars
holiday cash scratch
Holiday Cash
king for a day scratch
King for a Day
lucky triple scratch
Lucky Triple
piggy bank scratch
Piggy Bank
precious little diamonds scratch
Precious Little Diamonds
sabbatical scratch
scary money scratch
Scary Money
silver dollars scratch
Silver Dollars

The idea of a scratch ticket is something that has been around for several decades. A lot of people get some of those tickets from a fuel station when they just filled up the tank of their car, and others like to get them at the supermarket. These little cards have been very popular for a long time in many places around the world, and for a good reason. It is always fun to buy a piece of paper for a little bit of money and then being able to win a huge sum. The only thing that you would have to do is scratch off the little protective layers from the squares on the ticket, so that you can see the outcome of the game. The good thing is that this very popular idea is now also available on your computer with the Yggdrasil scratch cards available at your favourite Yggdrasil casino. This way you can scratch away as you usually would without having to go to the store. Playing with the Yggdrasil scratch cards is the same fun you would usually have, except without the trouble of having to go and get the cards. Also you will not have to clean up the mess after using the cards, and you will not have dirty nails when you have finished playing.


The old fashioned tickets that you can also get at the fuel station can be seen as the classic type. Exactly the same type of ticket can be found amongst the Yggdrasil scratch cards. The Yggdrasil scratch cards that you can choose from include Gold Bars scratch card, Lucky Triple scratch card and Silver Dollars scratch card. The category named classic Yggdrasil scratch cards looks the same as what you are used to. You can also add a number of very nice extras to this experience. Firstly, you can choose for yourself which card you will be playing with, which is a privilege that is not offered by most fuel stations. You will see five different cards in your screen out of which you can choose one. Do you not have a good feeling about these five cards? Then you can simply choose to replace them with others. Subsequently you can choose with what type of object you wish to open the squares, like with a euro coin or with a diamond ring. Of course this concerns the virtual versions of a euro coin and diamond ring, since you are playing on a computer screen. If you do not feel like doing all the scratching yourself, then you can simply click the ‘scratch all’ button. As you do so, the scratching will be done for you automatically. Now you can see how much you have won with your freshly purchased ticket!


Next to the classic Yggdrasil scratch cards there is a more modern alternative. These days everything is getting nicer and flashier, and it is exactly the same case when it comes to scratch tickets. That is why you can now also get video Yggdrasil scratch cards, also known under the category ‘video scratch’. There is a large number of different cards that you can choose from if you feel like placing a wager. Available video Yggdrasil scratch cards include Scary Money scratch card, A Cool Million scratch card, Holiday Cash scratch card, King for a Day scratch card, Piggy Bank scratch card, Precious Little Diamonds scratch card and Sabbatical scratch card. All of these look equally nice and modern, and all of them offer a different theme. With this type you can also choose which cards you wish to use. Again, five tickets are offered from which you can choose or which you can replace. The video Yggdrasil scratch cards do work slightly different from the classic version, even though it is still roughly the same idea. The way in which these Yggdrasil scratch cards work differently is that there are now two areas that can be opened, instead of just one. With the video Yggdrasil scratch cards you will first need to open four squares that show the winning numbers. Underneath there are fifteen more squares that need to be opened. If the numbers in those squares are the same with the winning numbers, you may win a very nice prize with the Yggdrasil scratch cards.


Amongst the wonderful prizes that you can win with the Yggdrasil scratch cards there are much nicer prizes available. Some of these games give you the chance to win a fantastic jackpot. This is only possible with a limited number of Yggdrasil scratch cards, which also tell you the amount of money that can be won. The amount you can win with these specific games can go up to unimaginable piles of money. This can go up to tens of thousands of euros, into the hundreds of thousands of euros of perhaps even millions! Those are prizes for which most people wouldn’t mind opening some squares on a card, so it is definitely worth a try. Who knows, you might win one of these incredible Yggdrasil jackpots that can be found in the Yggdrasil scratch cards!

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