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A Cool Million Scratch

Unfortunately, the A Cool Million scratchcard no longer exists. Click on the button below to check out Yggdrasil’s available games at an online casino.

What would you do with a million euros? This is an incredible amount of money to win, with which you can do many useful things. Buy a beautiful house with a couple of brand new cards next to it, or maybe you would prefer making your friends and family very happy. This amount of money can be won with the A Cool Million scratch card. This will make sure that you will not need to worry about money any more. All you need to do in order to win this enormous prize is to open the game at your favorite Yggdrasil casino and buy a ticket.

You can purchase an A Cool Million scratch card with a push of a button. When you do so, the top four winning numbers will be shown, as well as the fifteen numbers below it. If one of the bottom numbers happens to be the same as one of the top numbers, you will see what prize you have won. This may pay for your A Cool Million scratch card, but with a return to player (RTP) of 90% you may also very well receive some amazing prizes. It is also possible to win with several numbers in one game round. In that case all your prizes will be added up for you to take home.

The bottom fifteen numbers in the A Cool Million scratch card can show all kinds of numbers, but it can also show two other symbols. The first one of these two symbols is called the ‘free round’ symbol, and it does exactly what it implies. This will provide you with a free ticket with which you can win more money. The second symbol is a blue picture of a mountain. When you find this symbol, you will receive 50 euro on the A Cool Million scratch card. It does not matter whether or not you got any wins with the other numbers. These fifty euros can end up in your account straight away.

Before your winnings are shown in your balance, there is one more thing you can do with them. The A Cool Million scratch card will give you the option to flip a coin on any win. If you happen to be right you will double your winnings, but if you are wrong then the money is gone. This will bring some extra excitement into an already very fresh casino game. It is probably better not to flip a coin when you win the one million euros, because that would mean you got one of the Yggdrasil jackpots. This one can be won in no less than 62 different ways, so take your chance and play the A Cool Million scratch card now!

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