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King for a Day Scratch

Unfortunately, the King for a Day scratchcard no longer exists. Click on the button below to check out Yggdrasil’s available games at an online casino.

With the King for a Day scratch card you will get the chance to feel like a king by wagering no more than a single euro. For that one euro you get a digital scratch card in which the crown and the royal colours are shown in preparation for that wonderful prize. All those golden coins that are visible in the background of the card could be yours! This royal version of the video Yggdrasil scratch will offer you no less than one million euros in total prizes. The King for a Day scratch card has a number of different ways in which you can win one or more of these fantastic prizes. There are 17 different ways in which you can win a prize of up to 7.500 euros by scratching open the King for a Day scratch card!

The different prizes can be won as follows. First you will be able to pick out of five different scratch cards that are shown in the right of your screen in the King for a Day scratch card. Of course these can also be replaced with five new cards in case the first five just did not feel right to you. In the top of your screen you will see two squares with ‘winning numbers’, with another seven squares placed below that saying ‘your numbers’. It is up to you to open these squares in the King for a Day scratch card and find out which numbers and symbols are given within. If one of the winning numbers corresponds with one of your numbers then you will be awarded one of the many prizes, which could go up to thousands of euros!

Next to the winning numbers that can give you wonderful prizes in the King for a Day scratch card, there are also several different symbols to be found. This concerns the crown, the four leaf clover and the ‘free round’ symbol. All of these symbols have a good a positive effect in the King for a Day scratch card. The crown symbol will give you a 4 euro prize, which equals four times your bet. With the four leaf clover you will win on all numbers, and with the ‘free round’ symbol you will get a brand new card for free! As you can see, there are a number of different ways in which you can come to feel like true royalty by playing the King for a Day scratch card. Try this fantastic game here now for free, or go and hunt for that amazing prize at your favourite Yggdrasil casino.

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