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Lucky Triple Scratch

Unfortunately, the Lucky Triple scratchcard no longer exists. Click on the button below to check out Yggdrasil’s available games at an online casino.

The luck of the Irish has found its way to the world of scratch cards. One of the classic Yggdrasil scratch cards named the Lucky Triple scratch card is completely in green, with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The leprechaun wearing his high green hat can be found in the top of the screen in the game that can let you win 5000 euro with a single card! The Lucky Triple scratch card is a downright magical game, with which you can possibly win a lot of money very regularly. All you need to do is scratch open a digital card!

In the Lucky Triple scratch card you can find nine squares in which you may find some fantastic prizes. When you find three of the same symbols then you will receive the matching prize. These symbols include the rainbow, the harp, the glass of beer, a green shoe, the horse shoe, the four leaf clover, golden coins, the green hat and the pot of gold. These symbols all give different prizes between 20 eurocents up to no less than 5000 euro. A single card will cost you just 20 eurocent in the Lucky Triple scratch card, so even with the least favourable combination you will win back your initial bet.

Of course the possibility exists that you open a scratch card and do not win a prize. In that case you did not get three of the same symbols in the Lucky Triple scratch card. Even if you lose at first, this game will always give you a second chance. There is an extra square in the right side of your screen, with which you can win after all. If this square shows any of the winning symbols, the matching prize will be added to your balance immediately! In the top right of your screen in the Lucky Triple scratch card there is another button shown for the pay table. When you press this button, you can see exactly how high the odds are for every type of win.

For example, there are six cards available with which you can win those wonderful 5000 euro in the Lucky Triple scratch card. When it comes to lower prizes, many more winning cards are available. There are no less than 500,000 cards available with which you win back your bet. These numbers are given over a total of 2 million cards of the Lucky Triple scratch card. One quarter of all cards will give you back your bet! Also, there are many other cards with a number of different symbols that can give you some fantastic prizes. Try this wonderful classic scratch card now at your favourite Yggdrasil casino with a bet of only 20 eurocent per card!

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