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Piggy Bank Scratch

Unfortunately, the Piggy Bank scratchcard no longer exists. Click on the button below to check out Yggdrasil’s available games at an online casino.

Have you ever had one of those little porcelain or plastic pigs? For many people it can be quite nostalgic to find one of those little piglets filled with cash. You would occasionally put in a coin until you would at one point find a small capital. The Piggy Bank scratch card has the same idea. The only difference is that you do not need to save up any money to gain that small capital. All you need to do is be lucky and open up the correct Piggy Bank scratch card! Before you know it the content of this porcelain pig is yours, which can amount to a wonderful amount of money.

You can win up to a thousand euros with a single Piggy Bank scratch card, while a single card will only cost you a quarter. For as little as 25 cents you will get a chance to receive a fantastic prize. All you need to do is open up one of those wonderful Yggdrasil scratch cards. The little pink pigs can be found on the cover of the Piggy Bank scratch card, and even the squares are made of porcelain! You will need to break these like you would with a real porcelain pig. It will be a surprise every time you do so whether or not you will find a fantastic prize!

In the top of the Piggy Bank scratch card you will find two squares with winning numbers. When one of these two numbers is the same as your numbers, you will win a prize. Your numbers are given in the six squares that are found underneath the winning numbers. Next to numbers you can also find additional symbols. In the Piggy Bank scratch card you can also find a four leaf clover, a pink porcelain pig, or a ‘free rounds’ symbol. With the four leaf clover you will win on all numbers, with the pink porcelain pig you win one euro guaranteed, and with the ‘free rounds symbol’ you will get free scratch cards free of charge!

The Piggy Bank scratch card is just as nice and fun as the other Yggdrasil scratch cards. The standard bet is relatively low while you can win some wonderful prizes. The highest prize of no less than 1000 euros can be won in 15 different ways. It is certainly worth it to go ahead and try this game out. The return to player (RTP) of the Piggy Bank scratch card is an amazing 96,36% which is very high compared to most scratch cards. Try this wonderful game now for free on this website, of go for that big prize at your favourite Yggdrasil casino now!

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