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Precious Little Diamonds Scratch

Unfortunately, the Precious Little Diamonds scratchcard no longer exists. Click on the button below to check out Yggdrasil’s available games at an online casino.

If there is one thing in the world of which we know that it is worth a lot of money, it would be the diamond. That is why these are the theme of one of the wonderful Yggdrasil scratch cards named the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card. On this ticket you will see the diamonds shining bright in anticipation for the big win that you might get. The looks of this game are of pure luxury, with the image of the finest silk and glimmering little rocks. But the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card offers a lot more than just looks. You can win some amazing prizes by playing this game!

With only half a euro you can buy one Precious Little Diamonds scratch card. This can be picked from a stack of five tickets that are shown in the right of your screen. If these tickets do not appeal to you, you can always change them for free. When you have taken a card, you can scratch it open digitally by clicking on the squares. The top two squares show the winning numbers of the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card, which will hopefully correspond with the seven squares that are shown below them.

The seven squares in the bottom of your screen can also show different symbols. In the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card you can run into three types of symbols. The first one is the clover, which let you win on all numbers. The second one is the diamond, which will win you two euros. The third one is the ‘free rounds’ symbol, which will give you free tickets. After you win a nice prize with the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card you will be offered another option. It is possible to flip a coin with which you can double your win! Do you have the guts to do it?

You can win up to 2500 euros in no less than 17 different ways with the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card. It is no trouble whatsoever to open one of these tickets, because all you need to do is click your mouse. You may win two and a half thousand euros with a card that only cost you fifty cents! Try it now for free on this page. Of course it is not for real money, so you cannot withdraw any winnings. This would be possible when you play the Precious Little Diamonds scratch card at your favourite Yggdrasil casino.

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