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Scary Money Scratch

Unfortunately, the Scary Money scratchcard no longer exists. Click on the button below to check out Yggdrasil’s available games at an online casino.

Online casino players who occasionally enjoy a bit of horror can now enjoy one very special game. One of the Yggdrasil scratch cards is called the Scary Money scratch card. This wonderful game has a specific horror and Halloween theme. The logo of the Scary Money scratch card is also a mask which is very similar to the one from the ‘scream’ movies. In the background of the game a full moon shines down on an old fashioned haunted house. A scare crow stares at you with a shining pumpkin head. The most frightening part of this game is mostly how much you can possibly win with one single ticket.

In order to play the Scary Money scratch card you only need to wager half a euro. By placing a 50 cents bet you can choose one of the cards that are shown on the right side of your screen. You can then open it digitally without any efforts. In the top of the Scary Money scratch card you will find four wooden windows which contain the winning numbers of the game. Under those windows you will find eight more windows that you are to open to complete the game. If one of the winning numbers is the same as one of the numbers shown underneath, you may end up receiving a wonderful prize.

In the bottom eight windows of the Scary Money scratch card you can find three different types of symbols next to the standard numbers. These can give you all kinds of extra benefits in addition to the standard winnings. If you find two clover symbols them you will win on all numbers. When you find two mask symbols then you will win a 100 euro with that ticket guaranteed. The last symbol of the Scary Money scratch card is the ‘free rounds’ symbol. You will only need to find one of these to receive free tickets, with which you can possibly win much more!

With the Scary Money scratch card you can win no less than 5000 euros in nine different ways. You only need one winning ticket to receive a prize like this. That means you can buy a card for only fifty cents and then win five thousand euros! Do not be frightened by the looks of this scary game, because the winnings you can take home by playing the Scary Money scratch card will bring you nothing but happiness. Go to your favourite Yggdrasil casino now and try it for yourself. Of course you can also try it for free by playing the game on this web page.

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