Yggdrasil Slots

The Yggdrasil slots that have so far been released are leaving the competition far behind. New Yggdrasil games are being released regularly, about which you can find all relevant information on the website of Yggdrasil casino. Play for free on all the different videoslots by clicking on the game of your choice.

When Yggdrasil slots are opened you will immediately find the known logo, being the tree of ashes. This way you can be sure that you just opened a high quality video slot. The different Yggdrasil videoslots have a somewhat comparable interface, which is very easy to navigate and very user-friendly. In the bottom of the screen you can find all the options to control the game. On the left on this tray you first see the amount of bet lines. This cannot always be adjusted, but it does clearly show the amount of bet lines that are active while you are playing the game. Next to this, you will find the coin value that you can control. With the Yggdrasil slots this can usually be adjusted between the values of 0.01 and 2.00 euro per coin. In the middle of the tray you will find three buttons, of which the left button starts a new spin with the highest possible bet. The middle button starts a new spin with the bet that is currently set up with the active coin value. When you press the right button from the middle, you can enter how many autospins you wish to make. This way you can sit back and watch your winnings pour in without doing any efforts. On the right of the tray you see how many coins you are betting per spin. Next to that, you can see your balance with which you can play on the Yggdrasil slots. Your balance can also be shown in euros or in coins.


Right on top of this bottom tray, all the way to the left, you can find a few more little buttons in the Yggdrasil slots. With these little buttons you can find a lot of important information about the game you’re playing. You can of course mute the sound and check out the pay table, so that you can see what can be won. You can also see the full rulebook, so that you know exactly how everything works. Finally, a menu can be opened with settings. With these settings you can set up the Yggdrasil slots to your personal preferences. Things you can change are the quality of the graphics in the game, which sound effects you wish to hear, and exactly how loud the sound should be. It is now also possible to set up the game speed with a slider bar, other than just a quick spin option. Finally you can adjust when you want the autospins to stop automatically in the Yggdrasil slots. This can be done for example when you have a win, or when a special feature is activated in the game.

The individual Yggdrasil slots are of course very different in a number of very important ways. Every single one of them has exquisite audiovisual effects, but the looks and the theme of the game are always different. This makes sure that every separate game has a unique atmosphere, so that all Yggdrasil slots give you a unique experience while you are playing them. The looks of Yggdrasil slots are also decided by the way the game is set up. The numbers of rows and reels in which the symbols are shown can differ per slot. Also the amount of bet lines is different every time, just like the ways in which the bet lines run through your screen. No less important, the minimum bet and the maximum bet per spin differ between the Yggdrasil slots. This can simply be set up by changing the coin value in the bottom of your screen. This way you can decide for yourself with how much money you are willing to play the Yggdrasil slots, of course keeping into account the minimum- and maximum bets that are active in that specific game.

When it comes to the ways the separate Yggdrasil slots operate, there are all kinds of fantastic features that you can find in different games. For example a bonus game can be available like in the Jokerizer slot, with which you can usually win a lot of money. With other Yggdrasil videoslots this feature is not available, and you can get some great winnings in the basic game. Whether there is a bonus game available or not, all Ygdrasil slots offer fantastic features. Of course the wild symbol and the scatter symbol are a known phenomenon for most online casino players, but with the Yggdrasil slots these symbols can sometimes do a lot more. Like in the Robotnik slot a single wild can cause the game to give you a respin, and you won’t even have to be in a bonus game for that! With other Yggdrasil videoslots like the Winterberries slot a wild symbol is not even necessary to get a respin. The only thing you need to get is a combination of symbols of any kind. This way all the Yggdrasil slots are very different, so that you can keep enjoying these wonderful games time after time.