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Beauty and the Beast slot

Pretty much all of us are familiar with the story of Beauty and the Beast, both because of the original book and the world famous cartoon. But now Yggdrasil Gaming has also turned it into a wonderful videoslot! The story is still exactly the same and the same thing goes for the characters involved, but the features that you will run into give it a lot of added extras. For example, you can make use of a golden bet function, free spins and three different types of bonus features!

The Beauty and the Beast slot story

A beautiful young lady is captured in a castle by a scary looking creature, after which she slowly falls for his personality. After some time she even falls in love and when she finally kisses the beast, he turns into a handsome prince, and the magical servants turn into real people. This is an extremely short summary, but this is the most important part of the story and it also happens to be what the Beauty and the Beast slot is all about. We will of course focus on the most important characters from the story and they will all show up to give you a helping hand. For example, both the beauty and the beast will help you make the most valuable combinations in the game, while three different servants will provide you with different types of bonus features. But let’s start at the beginning. Making a winning combination is possible in the Beauty and the Beast videoslot by using twenty different pay lines that go from the left to the right on a game screen with fifteen symbols. You can play with a minimum of 20 cents per spin and a maximum of 100 euros per spin, while these are the prizes that you can win by making a combination of five in a row: The beast (or the prince) gives you 250 coins, Beauty gives 250 coins, the red gem gives 80 coins, the green gem gives 75 coins, the pink gem gives 70 coins, the blue gem gives 60 coins, the yellow gem gives 50 coins, and the purple gem also gives 50 coins.

beauty and the beast slot

Let the servants help you out

The three characters from the original story who can be found in the Beauty and the Beast mobile slot are the butler, the chef and the maid. All of them can appear at any given time and when this happens you will always get some kind of interesting bonus feature. The butler will make sure that one reel is pushed upwards or downwards, so you can win as much as possible during that given spin. The chef will synchronise the middle three reels in your game screen, and the maid will place between two and four wild symbols in your screen, which means your chances of getting one or more winning combinations will go up significantly.

Winning free spins and extra coins

Wilds will replace all other characters in the Beauty and the Beast slot, but there is one exception. The so-called free spins symbols cannot be replaced and those look like beautiful red roses. As the name will tell you, these symbols will give you access to a bonus game with free spins. Three of these characters on random positions will give you 10 free spins, four roses will give you 10 free spins plus a 1000 coin prize, and five roses will give you 10 free spins plus a 5000 coin prize. During the bonus game, the servant features may also be triggered at any given time. You actually get to choose one when the free spins start and after that you could run into even more. Just know that you will no longer qualify for a re-trigger once you find all three of these features during the bonus game.

Win more with the Golden Bet

The Beauty and the Beast casino game also has a Golden Bet function, just like for example the Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. It is shown right next to the regular spin button and it will increase your bet quite a bit. That on its own doesn’t sound very appealing, but keep in mind that you may win more because of this function as well! If you decide to bet 5 coins extra per spin then you will get a Boost, meaning you can win more money during the free spins. Because you will then start with two bonus features instead of one. If you play with 15 extra coins then you will get a Nudge, which means free spin symbols will be pushed back into your screen, meaning it will be easier for you to activate the bonus game. And if you bet 30 coins extra then you can make use of both of those functions at the same time.

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