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Big Blox slot

The Big Blox slot by Yggdrasil Gaming has a fun theme with scary wooden masks and a somewhat tropical feel. Of course we must admit that it certainly isn’t the first casino game that has a jungle style theme, but that doesn’t matter at all in this case. The rainforest and the colourful plants in the background really don’t make any difference whatsoever. What it is all about are the elements that you can actually see in your game screen of the Big Blox game… Those are the original symbols that can be found in all shapes and sizes. That’s right, the characters that can be found in the Big Blox slot aren’t just different in terms of looks, but also when it comes to their size. As the name of the games pretty much indicates, you can meet some seriously big blocks in this Yggdrasil slot and they might actually take up your entire screen! That means the Big Blox videoslot has quite a lot of similarities with standard setup of a casino game, but at the same time it also has a bunch of unique properties. And that is extremely important, considering the fact that we as gamblers are always looking for something new and refreshing!

Big block symbols during every spin

The idea behind the extra-large symbols isn’t exactly new in the online casino world. In addition to the Big Blox slot you can also find other games that do something similar and in a way you can even find things like that in the lobby of Yggdrasil casino. For example, the Nirvana slot has wilds that take up multiple fields at the same time, but that is of course somewhat different from what we are talking about in this specific game. When you play the Big Blox mobile slot you can count one of those mega symbols during every single spin. Those extra-large symbols range from a minimum of 2×2 fields up to a maximum of 3×5 fields. Considering the fact that the game has three rows and five reels, the possibility exists that one of those big blocks will take up your entire screen in the Big Blox slot! That makes every single spin extra exciting, because anything may happen after you place a bet. So it doesn’t matter much that there are no bonus games or free spins features added to the Big Blox casino game. Even without those types of functions you may run into an unbelievable win and all you need for that is one of those mega symbols that appear during every spin.

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Wilds and big block wilds in your screen

There may not be any bonus symbols or scatters hidden in the Big Blox slot, but there are regular wilds that you can make use of. Those are golden characters that have the word ‘wild’ written on them, so they’re pretty hard to miss. Just like with many other games, like for example the Legend of the Golden Monkey slot, they can replace all other regular symbols in the game and that makes it much easier to make winning combinations. But do you know what may be the most interesting part of this special symbol? You may find it as a mega version as well in the Big Blox videoslot! So it may happen at any given time in the Big Blox slot that a giant wild enters your game screen and fill up 2×2 up to 3×5 fields at the same time. Of course that won’t happen very often, but it isn’t exactly hard to imagine what the consequences are of getting one of those big block wilds. A single combination of five in a row may pay out sixteen times your current bet in the Big Blox mobile slot, let alone when your entire screen is filled with a certain type of symbol and/or wilds!

big blox slot

The technical properties and pay lines

First and foremost, the Big Blox slot has an RTP of 96% and that is very decent when we compare it to other casino games on the internet. Thereby your chances of winning are relatively high, although it is possible that you won’t get the same idea at first. Some gamblers may get scared off after the first playing session, because this game tends to give very few wins… But do not despair! One single hit may leave you with some unbelievable winnings in the Big Blox slot by Yggdrasil Gaming and that is caused by a combination of two different factors. First of all, the game tends to pay out quite a lot with a single combination from the left of the right, while there are also 243 different pay lines with you can make winning combinations. In other words: Once you start winning, you’re going to be a very lucky boy or girl and in that case you’re probably going to end up with a pretty impressive withdrawal.

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