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Cazino Zeppelin slot

When you open the Cazino Zeppelin slot then the music alone will make things exciting. Fast playing violins will make your heart beat faster while you have not even begun to play. Immediately you will be confronted by a bunch of hard core gamblers. There gentlemen hang around in a giant hot air balloon and the entire atmosphere of the Cazino Zeppelin videoslot is that of the beginning of last century. The classic poker theme is oddly relevant, because you may also win an astounding pot while playing the Cazino Zeppelin slot. You can imagine sitting in a poker room with a couple of big boys. Spin after spin you don’t win much, until suddently the Cazino Zeppelin slot grants you that super mega win. The Cazino Zeppelin videoslot has been described by Yggdrasil as a high variance game. This means that there will be more sudden big wins instead of many small wins. This may be hugely in your favour as a casino player, because after a couple of clicks on the Cazino Zeppelin slot you can be tens of thousands of euros richer! This game may not be one of the Yggdrasil jackpots, but considering the prizes it may as well be counted as one.

Let us start with clearly and extensively describing the setup of the Cazino Zeppelin slot. The four most paying symbols are those with the different poker players on them. The big boss with the hat, pipe, cane and packet of bills will of course give you the biggest win with no less than 2000 coins per full payline. Furthermore you can also find four other symbols that are based on the game of cards, being spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. These eight symbols can form combinations on a total of twenty paylines in the Cazino Zeppelin mobile slot. This is made even easier with an additional symbol that can found in the Cazino Zeppelin slot. This additional symbol looks like an attractive lady in a joker outfit and she is the wild of the Cazino Zeppelin slot. This of course means that it replaces all other symbols in the game except for the free spins symbol. These two lastly mentioned wild and free spins symbols are the ones to watch in the Cazino Zeppelin videoslot, because that is where the big wins can be found. You can get very nice wins with the regular symbols of the Cazino Zeppelin slot, but everything can end up being much more extreme in the bonus game that this amazing videoslot has to offer.

When two or more free spins symbols appear in your screen then you are guaranteed to receive a nice win. In that case you will always get at least 40 coins in the Cazino Zeppelin slot. If you manage to find three free spins symbols then you will also receive ten free spins. If you find four free spins symbols then you get fifteen free spins in the Cazino Zeppelin videoslot, and when five free spins symbols appear then you get no less than twenty free spins. When there happen to also be wild symbols shown on the moment when you end up in the bonus game then these will not be lost. Because of the so called wild transfer feature of the Cazino Zeppelin slot these are simply taken into the bonus game. From that moment on, all new wild symbols will also remain in your screen because of the sticky wilds feature that the Cazino Zeppelin slot has to offer. With a little luck your screen may end up full of jokers and the winnings will pile up until the free spins have finished. It may be clear that the bonus game of the Cazino Zeppelin slot can be wrapped up on a very positive note.

As if the bonus game of the Cazino Zeppelin slot is not crazy enough already, you can still win more free spins while in the bonus game. When every column in the game has at least one wild symbol then you get five additional spins! From that moment on you are pretty much guaranteed to get a huge win from the bonus game of the Cazino Zeppelin slot because of all the wilds. The Cazino Zeppelin mobile slot is perfect for players who are looking for that one super mega big win because of the high variance of this game. It can sometimes take a while before it drops, but when the Cazino Zeppelin slot works the way you want it to work then no other game comes close. Try not to fall off your chair, because wins and games like this are not often seen in the online casino world. Play the Cazino Zeppelin videoslot now for free on this page or play it for real money. The Cazino Zeppelin slot can be found at the better websites that are recommended by us. We hope to mention you on our news page soon for having won an unbelievable prize from the Yggdrasil slots!

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