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Champions of Rome slot

The arena is only for the toughest of fighters. If you think you have what it takes, then you might want to try your luck on the Champions of Rome slot by Yggdrasil Gaming! In this game, muscular and impressive gladiators will battle for bonus features. Because this game offers plenty of different game functions which make the game a lot more interesting. You can try it out with a minimum bet of 10 cents and a maximum bet of 100 euros per spin. Are you ready to fight for a big prize?

Go back in time with Champions of Rome

The first thing you will see after opening the Champions of Rome slot is the arena. That would seem pretty obvious, especially after the introduction that you read just now. This isn’t just any arena, though. In this case we’re looking at a proper hall with multiplier storeys, plenty of people and a roof that is topped with a big golden eagle. Now it is up to you to enter this arena and to win as much as possible. Which firstly can be done by making winning combinations from the left to the right. The game screen is made up of three rows and five reels. It has twenty pay lines, ten different types of regular symbols and the rest kind of speaks for itself.

The ten types of regular symbols consist of three types. There are four different coins, which are the low-paying symbols. Then there are three stone animals, which are the medium-paying symbols. And then there are three different gladiators, which are the high-paying symbols. Those gladiators look as follows: there is a gladiator with a regular helmet on a red background, who fights with a sword; another gladiator wears a netted helmet on a green background, he fights with a mace; the last gladiator wears a full-mask helmet on a blue background, he fights with a trident. These three tough guys will remain relevant throughout the entire game.

The three different gladiator symbols

For starters, the gladiators can provide you with random bonus features. If you get 2 free spin symbols in your screen at the same time then you will get a Gladiator Feature which is connected to either one of these three big strong men. The one with the swords will give you a 2×1 wild cluster and a 1×2 wild cluster, the one with the mace will give you a 2×2 wild cluster, and the one with the trident will give you 4 random wilds on the reels.

Gladiator Feature

That’s already pretty cool, but the fun part is that that is kind of a consolidation prize… As you need at least 3 free spin symbols in order to activate the bonus game! This is what you get when you get three or more free spin symbols at the same time: 3 will get you free spins plus 20 coins, 4 will get you free spins plus 300 coins, and 5 will get you free spins plus 12000 coins. Just ‘free spins’ might seem a bit vague and that is because you can design your bonus game yourself.

Take a risk during the free spins feature

For starters, you can choose between Training Mode and Deathmatch Mode. Selecting ‘training mode’ means you play it safe, as you get to keep your free spin wins at all times. Choosing ‘deathmatch mode’ however will be a bit of a gamble. Because you will need to win at least 450 coins, otherwise you will lose whatever you just got! If you’re feeling lucky and you decide to go for Deathmatch Mode, you have another three options to choose between. You can either go for 7 free spins with a x2 multiplier, 6 free spins with a x3 multiplier or 5 free spins with a x4 multiplier.

Select Free Spins
Select Multiplier

If you can’t wait to choose then you might want to buy your way into the bonus feature. Click on the ‘buy bonus’ button to start the free spins straight away at a cost of 1000 coins. Did you try your luck, but did you not manage to win more than 450 coins in the deathmatch mode? Then you might still get a consolidation prize. This will come down to either a 40-200-coin prize or 5 training mode free spins. On the other hand, if you’re doing well then you can also end up being confronted by the beast. The beast symbol is a horned gladiator who may appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the free spins.

During the free spins battle with the beast, all high paying symbols are replaced with one particular type of gladiator symbol that you get to choose yourself. That gladiator will throw his weapon towards the wilds on every spin. Then with a little luck you will hit the beast symbol with a weapon. Because whenever that happens you will get one additional free spin. And that will of course give you a significantly bigger chance of winning more money!

Extra Spin

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