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Chibeasties 2 slot

Yggdrasil Gaming decided to make a sequel to the original Chibeasties slot and we honestly can’t blame them! In part two, which is appropriately called the Chibeasties 2 slot, you can try your luck with the same little creatures as before and lots of unique bonus features. This includes four different realms with different advantages, wild symbols which can mutate into combo wilds, and a free spins bonus game.

The magic of the Chibeasties 2 slot

The introduction video of the Chibeasties 2 slot may bring back all kinds of fun memories. You will see one of the well-known creatures from the original games and he seems to have discovered something new. He has just found a crystal which is lying in front of a plant with four openings. Of course this little beast is rather adventurous, so he’s looking to stick the stone into all of the openings he can find. This keeps turning the plant into different shapes and sizes, until he turns into a nasty looking flower with teeth which swallows the creature whole. This scene will give you a pretty good idea of what the Chibeasties 2 videoslot is all about, because it is primarily focused on four different playing styles which you can choose between. Of course the basics are still more or less the same, with three by five squares and twenty pay lines going from the left to the right, but that certainly isn’t the only thing the Chibeasties 2 mobile slot has to offer. For more information about the bonus features you can simply keep reading below, but let’s talk about the regular combinations first. When you get five of the same characters in a row then these are the prizes you will qualify for. The maximum coin value is 5, meaning the following amounts would have to be multiplied by five when you want to find out the maximum prize in cash: red creatures will give 250 coins; purple creatures give 225 coins; blue creatures give 200 coins; green creatures give 175 coins; red mushrooms give 75 coins; purple mushrooms give 70 coins; blue mushrooms give 65 coins; and green mushrooms give 60 coins.

chibeasties 2 slot

Play in four different realms

In this game you can decide to switch realms at any given time. There are four different worlds that you can choose between in the Chibeasties 2 slot and they all have their own unique features. All of those have to do with wild symbols and they work as follows:

  • In the expanding realm, wilds will expand vertically, which means they will take over the entire reel on which they initially land
  • In the teleporting realm, the wilds will change places to the position of your game screen that is most advantageous to you
  • In the spreading realm, the wilds will provide you with at least one and at most four extra wilds which will land on random positions
  • In the mirroring realm, wilds are mirrored to opposite sides of your screen, which means you can get up to two extra wilds as a result

Mutations and combo wilds

When you manage to get a wild in your screen then you will always get some kind of fun bonus feature. As explained before, they can expand, they can teleport, they can spread and they can be mirrored, which will always work in your favour. But in some cases it will get even better! On random moments you will see that a wild start to mutate, which will then turn it into a so-called combo wild, fulfilling several functions at the same time. This may take place at any given time during the base game.

Win even more in the free spins

In addition to that, there are also free spins symbols to be found in the Chibeasties 2 videoslot by Yggdrasil Gaming. Those characters look like Indian masks, they may land anywhere in your screen, and they work exactly how you would expect… Because three or more of these symbols will give you access to a free spins bonus game! Three of them will provide you with 7 spins straight away, while four will give you 15 spins, and five will give you 30 spins. There are no additional cash prizes involved and sadly there is no option to get a re-trigger, meaning these amounts are final. On the other hand, you can get combo wilds all the time during this bonus game! Every wild you get during the free spins will mutate, which means you will qualify for more big wins!

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