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Cyrus the Virus slot

The title of this game is not all that famous because of the online casino world. The name of the Cyrus the Virus slot already existed for other types of icons and characters in films and games. Think of the character from the movie Con Air from 1997 with Nicholas Cage, John Cusack and more. The bad guy in this movie was played by the one and only John Malkovich and he just happened to have the same name as the title of this game. Of course this information is not very relevant, because we are now talking about a wonderful addition to the selection of Yggdrasil slots. The Cyrus the Virus videoslot is not about criminals in an airplane, but about maleficent viruses on a microscopic level. These are put in a casino game that offers a number of fun features. Also the animations of the Cyrus the Virus slot are very decent, as you should expect from this casino software developer. On this page you can play for free on the Cyrus the Virus casino game, but also find a very extensive game description where every single element is extensively covered.

First and foremost, the Cyrus the Virus slot has a rather standard screen setup for a casino game. It has three symbols in height and five symbols in the width of your computer screen. This makes a total of fifteen fields to which the active pay lines will apply. The screen is created through some kind of an organic wall. This gives the whole game a rather icky light green colour, setting a perfect vibe for a game about viruses. The looks are also perfectly in sync with the symbols of the Cyrus the Virus slot, because those also look a bit gross. The symbols of the Cyrus the Virus mobile slot are of course made to look like virus cells. The values of these different types of symbols generally increase as they get bigger and creepier. The biggest viruses even have big teeth and tentacles and the dark blue symbol will give a win of no less than 2000 coins on a full pay line. The smallest viruses of the Cyrus the Virus slot actually look quite harmless with lighter colours and a much friendlier smile. The smallest cell in the pay table is the light blue one, which gives a prize of only 80 coins per pay line.

Win both ways

As was mentioned before, the Cyrus the Virus slot has a green wall that shapes the sides of the game screen. In both the left- and right sides of this wall you can find five little holes which reference to the number of pay lines. There are always five active lines, which go both from the left to the right and from the right to the left. This means that the Cyrus the Virus slot has a so-called ‘win both ways’ feature available so that you will practically have ten active pay lines in the game. These go through your screen in the most obvious manner, being horizontally on every row and diagonally in both directions. The little holes in the sides of your screen also hide very little cells that are waiting for their chance to get some action. When you are about to make a winning combination then they will stick out their heads and if this happens then they will actually shoot out of their positions. By following the pay lines they will then reel in your prize. All wins in the Cyrus the Virus slot are collected by attacking the viruses on the active pay lines.

Extended wild with respin feature

The Cyrus the Virus mobile slot only has one really remarkable game feature. This is the wild that extends itself over a whole reel. In other words you will find three wilds on top of each other in your screen. Of course the wilds will replace all other symbols that can be found in the game, so that it becomes easier to make winning combinations. Next to the Cyrus the Virus slot this feature also exists in the Draglings slot, so it is not completely unique for this game. In this specific case the extended wild can only be found on the middle reel. This is the most ideal position to find these expanded wilds, since you can win from both ways. An important property of this feature is that you will always get a free respin when you find an extended wild. This will make it possible to get more wins without having to place another bet. The value of the bets can be changed in the Cyrus the Virus slot, but not by that much. The minimum bet is ten cents per spin and the maximum bet is five euro. This will not make it good for gamblers who like to play with high stakes, but other than that the Cyrus the Virus videoslot works just great.

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