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Dark Vortex Slot

There is a magic portal which will give you access to a whole new dimension. It is kind of like a big door and when you go through it then you will enter a different world. That could of course be a lot of fun, but sadly that isn’t the case with this game… Because here you will end up in a downright evil environment! As the name of the Dark Vortex slot will tell you, there is some pretty shady business going on in this game and you will notice that as soon as you open this video slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. When you start it up, you will first get to see a scary portal under a full moon surrounded by burning candles, which will then open up out of the blue and spit out all kinds of creepy beings. And it doesn’t get much better once you are shown the game screen. Because at that point, you will get a better look at those monsters, which doesn’t exactly settle your nerves! For example, there is a Medusa-like figure with tentacles instead of hairs, every single one of which containing a red glowing eye, red and fiery demons with four horns each, purple swamp monsters, green slime monsters, mutant hyenas and so on and so forth.

Opening the Vortex Reels

Dark Vortex ReelsThe game screen of the Dark Vortex slot is made up of five reels and three rows, so that on itself isn’t really anything new. You can make winning combinations from both the left to the right and from the right to the left, which can be done with all kinds of symbols. This of course includes the scary monsters, but also five different magic books which look pretty creepy in their own right. But those aren’t the only characters you can find on the reels. There are also different types of symbols, like the wilds and the so-called Vortex symbols! The latter kind of looks like a golden wheel with an eye in the middle and when you get several of those in the right positions then you will automatically qualify for a wonderful bonus feature. Two of these Vortex symbols on adjacent reels will open up the portal just a little bit. That means the two reels will light up, and you will get three free spins with more special symbols and additional pay lines. Did you manage to get three, four or even five adjacent Vortex reels? Then you will get two extra free spins for every additional reel! It may sound like you’re just getting free spins from this bonus feature, but that is definitely not the case. You can also find a lot more wild-symbols on the Vortex Reels and in addition to that it is also a lot easier to make winning combinations. Because once you activate all five reels then the number of pay lines will be increased from the original 243 to the maximum of 3125. That means you can win in every possible way, as long as the symbols are shown on adjacent reels!

Get access to the free spins

Once you open the portal on all of the five reels of the Dark Vortex slot then you will activate all possible pay lines and you will get 3+2+2+2 free spins. But that isn’t all! Once you made all of those five reels light up and used all of the spins that you get in the accompanying feature, then you will also get access to the bonus game! That means you can first use the free spins that you get in the feature, after which you can start a whole new playing session with even more free spins. Now you might want to know more about how many spins you will get at this point, or which features apply at this point, but that entirely depends on the circumstances. During the Vortex Reels feature, you can collect red and blue magic orbs, and those are used once you gain access to the bonus game. The number of blue orbs will determine the amount of free spins that you get, while the number of red orbs will determine the number of wilds that are shown on top of each other in the stacked wilds. That’s right, instead of regular wild symbols you will get stacks of wilds in the bonus game of this slot! And do you simply not have the patience to work your way into the bonus game of the Dark Vortex slot? Then you can also pay for access to this amazing feature! On the left-hand side of your screen you will find a button with the words ‘buy bonus’. You can click that button at any time, which will cost you eighty times your current bet. The amount of free spins and the size of your stacked wilds will then be assigned randomly.

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