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Doubles slot

If you only look at the graphics of this slot machine then you might not be all that impressed at first sight. Do not judge too quickly, because the Doubles slot by Yggdrasil Gaming is actually a lot of fun! When you open the game you will immediately hear a catchy tune that will make you feel like playing, which is of course exactly the point. Both the background of the Doubles videoslot and the symbols have a simple yet fresh design that might make one think of old fashioned computer games. You will run into different types of fruits and diamonds, but also a bunch of less ordinary symbols. These are shown on a game screen with five reels and three rows on which you will find no less than 243 different pay lines. Winning combinations can be made from the left to the right in the Doubles videoslot, starting from the left-most column. Any type of gambler will be able to have a fun session with this game, because the coin value can be adjusted between 1 eurocent and 2 euros, like for example the Vikings Go Wild slot. Thereby the Doubles mobile slot will give you the possibility to play with a minimum bet size of 225 eurocents per spin and a maximum bet size of 50 euros per spin.

Much bigger winning combinations

You end up making a winning combination the same way with pretty much every slot that has five reels and three rows. That is with five symbols of the same kind and in most cases from the left to the right. In the Doubles slot you will make combinations from the left to the right as well, but they are a lot longer than five in a row. How is that possible? That can be explained quite easily, because the Doubles videoslot also has double symbols. Those have the exact same effect of two bordering symbols of the same type. That means that these double symbols will lead to combinations that can go up to no less than ten in a row, and of course those are the wins you are looking for as a gambler. It is possible to get double symbols for any type of normal character that is found in the Doubles mobile slot, including the diamonds and the sevens. The minimum number of symbols in one pay lines is still 3. This is of course the reason why it is so easy to get a win in the Doubles slot, even though they can very much differ in size.

Free spins with guaranteed double symbols

There is only one type of special symbol to be found in the Doubles slot and that is the free spins symbol. Otherwise there are no wilds, scatters or different kinds of game features to be found in this game. But don’t worry, because the free spins bonus game will give you more than enough entertainment and chances of winning. With only three or more free spins symbols you will activate the bonus game of the Doubles videoslot and that is where you can win even more money than in the main game. For three free spins symbols you will always get 10 free spins, for four of these symbols you will get 20 spins and for five free spins symbols you will get to place no less than 50 free bets. It doesn’t happen often that you get to play in the bonus game of the Doubles slot, but when it does happen it is definitely worth the wait. Firstly you will get to choose which of the regular characters will be shown exclusively as a double symbol. For example if you pick the lemon at the beginning of the bonus game then you will only get double symbol versions of the lemon during the free spins in the Doubles mobile slot.

doubles slot

Potential for a big win

It is an important choice that you need to make when you start the bonus game. If you choose a less valuable character from the Doubles slot then there is a very big chance that you win something. The issue is that the total prize will probably not be very big compared to what you might otherwise get in the Doubles slot. If you choose a valuable character then your chance of winning is relatively lower. However, if you do win then the prize will probably be a lot bigger. By far the most valuable symbols in the Doubles slot are the diamonds. One single pay lines with ten diamonds will give you no less than 25.000 coins. If you win this amount with the highest coin size then that translates to 50.000 euros. At the same time there are 243 pay lines on which you can make winning combinations in the Doubles mobile slot, so these wins could get pretty big. You can play for free on this page, so at least you know what to expect when you play for real money at the Yggdrasil casino of your choice.

doubles videoslot

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