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Draglings slot

Update: Yggdrasil recently removed Draglings from their game selection. You can still read our full review of this offline slot below, or check the list of available slots here.

In a mysterious cave where crystals are hanging from the walls there is a wonderful surprise waiting for enthusiastic online casino players. This is where the Draglings slot takes place, and you know something is coming because of the exciting music. It immediately becomes clear that there are all kinds of strange eggs lying around the place, with some sort of scaled outside or even glowing in all kinds of bright colours. The name of the Draglings videoslot and the scaled eggs should make it clear enough that the Draglings slot is all about dragons. Some of the eggs seem to have already hatched, which has led to a number of baby dragons flying around the Draglings slot. These little fire breathers have all kinds of special powers with which they can set this game alight. They take care of a couple of very interesting features in the Draglings videoslot, of which there are quite some to be found. This includes the different types of wild symbols which are shown in the Draglings slot as differently coloured baby dragons.

The first baby dragon of the Draglings slot is blue and it is the symbol for a normal wild in this game. This means that it has the ability to replace all other regular symbols that can be found, making it easier to make winning combinations. The second baby dragon of the Draglings videoslot is purple and it is a so-called expanding wild. It works the same as a regular wild symbol, except this baby instantly grows into an adult dragon. As a result, it will take up the entire roll or column and thereby create a whole bunch of extra wild symbols in the Draglings slot. The third baby dragon of the Draglings slot is red and it features the spreading wild. In this case you can count on a wild symbol that spreads around the screen and creates between 1 and 4 extra wild symbols in the process. These new wilds can be both regular wilds and expanding wilds, so that could end up in quite the win with the Draglings videoslot. It may be clear that there are quite a number of ways in which the baby dragons can come to your aid in the Draglings slot, but this isn’t nearly everything the game has to offer.

The Draglings slot also has a bonus game with free spins. These are activated in the old fashioned way when you find enough free spins symbols. You need to collect at least three of these in a single bet, after which the free spins feature of the Draglings mobile slot is activated. On three symbols you get 10 free spins, on four symbols you get 20 free spins, and on five symbols you get an unbelievable 75 free spins. With a little luck you may be playing for a very long time with one single real money bet on the Draglings slot. This feature can also be extended with a retrigger. During the free spins in the Draglings slot you can win additional spins. In this case you only need two or more free spins symbols, with which you can get at least 2 extra spins on the Draglings videoslot. The game description of the Draglings slot mentions that the bonus game is full of wilds, so get ready for some fun! With three different types of wilds and also a free spins feature there are plenty of opportunities to get that big win. Also it needs to be said that the setup of the Draglings slot is not exactly thirteen in a dozen.

In the Draglings slot you can win from both sides with the win both ways feature. This means that winning combinations can be made both from the left to the right and from the right to the left. The setup of the Draglings videoslot is also a bit different from that you may be used to. This game may have five reels, but the number of symbols that are shown on them are different. On the outer two reels of the Draglings slot you will find three symbols, on the two reels inwards you find four symbols, and on the inner reel you will find five symbols. In this diamond-shaped setup you can make winning combinations from both sides on 20 different paylines. The biggest possible win you can get with one single spin on the Draglings slot is 30,000 coins. That is not too bad when you imagine the amount of money that can lead to. Getting a mega big win is far from impossible, since the theoretical odds (RTP) of the Draglings mobile slot are roughly as high as the other Yggdrasil slots. This is no less than 96.4% in the Draglings slot, which is higher than most online casino games around. This wonderful game can be played for free on this page, so before you decide to place a wager you can try it out without any risks. If you decide to play this game for real money then you can do so at one of the recommended casinos mentioned on our website. All you need to do is register an account and have fun!

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