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Dwarf Mine slot

From a mythological point of view, dwarves are known to be real gold-diggers. We mean this in the most literal sense, because these short hairy bearded creatures like to delve deep into the ground to find all kinds of gems and minerals. And that’s exactly what the Dwarf Mine slot is all about. Yggdrasil Gaming presents you with a red-haired dwarf who is using a prepared lift in order to explore a mine. Which he isn’t doing with any archaeological or recreational purposes, of course. Because he simply wants to collect as many gems as possible. Will you help him out?

The red-haired dwarf is shown on the right-hand side of your game screen at all times. He is standing on his lift while holding a lever, which he will pull on every spin. Why does he keep pulling that lever? Clearly, he isn’t doing any gambling himself! In fact, he is trying to make his way down the shaft. Because the lower you go, the more gems you will meet on the way. And there seem to be many different ways in which you can collect gems in the Dwarf Mine slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. It starts with regular winning combinations and then there are also collectable symbols and different types of bonus features.

Constant multipliers in the Dwarf Mine

As you can see, the Dwarf Mine slot seems to have a rectangular layout, as it is four symbols high and five symbols wide. That means it will show you more symbols than the average online slot. A total of twenty, to be exact. You can use them to make winning combinations from the left to the right on 1024 different pay lines. That means it has a ‘win all ways’ feature, meaning you can make winning combinations in every possible pay line going from the left to the right.

That on its own already seems pretty impressive… But wait, there’s more! This slot also provides you with constant multipliers while making winning combinations in the main game! For example, when you make a winning combination with one type of symbol on the first, the second and the third reel, then you will win a prize. But if there are multiple of those symbols shown on a reel, then this will create a multiplier. This goes for every reel cumulatively! So, let’s say you get one red gem on the first reel, two red gems on the second reel, and three red gems on the third reel. In that case you get a prize which equals that for three in a row times 1 x 2 x 3, meaning six times as much.

Dwarf Mine No Win
Example of a spin without a win
Dwarf Mine Win
Example of a winning combination

Going underground with bonus symbols

The game screen is located underground and one would think that it would stay in the same location. But that doesn’t seem to be an entirely accurate assessment. After all, the red-haired dwarf is looking to dig deep while using a big machine. That means the game screen is going to move downwards on a regular basis! Eventually, pulling the lever is going to work and the lift will go further down, bringing the game screen with it. This particular situation will take place whenever you find a bonus symbol.

As mentioned in the game information sheet, each bonus symbol that lands expands the reels by 1 row. Which is pretty impressive on its own, but it gets better. Because the reels can be expanded up to 3 rows, no less! Did you get not 1, not 2, but 3 bonus symbols? Then you will get 10 regular free spins instead of regular expanding reels! Those will take place on a game screen which is fully expended, meaning it has five by seven symbols. And the ‘win all ways’ feature remains active… That should make it pretty easy to make winning combinations, don’t you think?

Dwarf Mine Free Spins

Collect valuable gemstones

The rarer the gem, the more it’s worth. So we’re especially looking for the collectible gems that the Dwarf Mine videoslot has to offer. Whenever expanded reels appear in the base game, you may run into collectible symbols. There are four different types and every single one you find will go into its own box which is shown on the left-hand side of your screen.

We’re not just going to collect those gems, though. Because ideally, we’re going to use them to win even more money! Collecting five of each collectable gem will provide you with 5 collection free spins. Those feature super high paying symbols, while also taking place on an expanded screen with five by seven symbols. In other words, the collection free spins are like an upgraded version of the regular free spins feature. However, at the same time, it is a lot more difficult to activate this particular type of bonus game. And you’re going to have to be a lot more patient.

Crystal Collection

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