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Easter Island Slot

Experience the ultimate traveling experience with the Easter Island slot from Yggdrasil. Kick back and enjoy the stunning intro which will have you dream of a tropical paradise in no time. The name of the slot is a clear reference to the theme location.  Although surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear waters, that’s not what Easter Island is most famous for. Most of you will recognize the name of this place thanks to the giant head statues, called moai, that have sparked a discussion or two over the years.

When opening the game, two moai statues will give you a warm welcome. They’ll each take their place on one side of the reels and happily bounce away during the game whilst actively playing a roll in one of the game features. With its baby blue sky,  green grass and tropical background music, this slot will surely give you a wonderful spring feeling. Easter Island is a stunning game to look at, but as we all know looks aren’t everything. Thankfully this game is much more than just a pretty face. The balance between beautiful graphics and multiple engaging features makes Easter Island an exciting slot to play. Bets can be placed from as low as 10 cents per spin and go up to 200 euro per spin. The setup of the game varies between 5×3 in the main game and can expand up to 5×7 which also means up to 103 paylines. As with all new Yggdrasil games, Easter Island is available on all popular devices and comes with a multitude of adjustable settings. Adjust spin speed, or sound effects and ambiance sounds.  We personally like to keep the last one switched on to experience that full holiday vibe.

Symbol Swap Re-spins

The re-spin feature in Easter Island is one of its kind. Rather than activating every now and then, re-spins will be triggered after every single win. You read that right – after every winning combination you will receive a re-spin. Winning combinations consist of 3 or more identical symbols from left to right on a payline. That on its own will be reason enough for many players to give this slot a go, but it gets even more spectacular. There are four low win symbols (card suits) and five high win symbols (animals) in this slot. Before the reels stop spinning, a symbol swap will take place. This feature will replace all symbols in same group (low or high) with the winning symbol. The moai statue on the left side of the reels will inhale the symbols, whilst the statue on the right will replace them with identical winning symbols. This will significantly increase your chance to hit another win.

Example: you land a winning combination of 3 Fox symbols. This is one of the five high win symbols. Whilst the reels are spinning, all other high win symbols will be sucked of the screen by the statue on the left side of the reels. The right statue will then spit Fox symbols back on the reels. All symbols that where high win symbols before, will be Fox symbols during the re-spin. After the re-spin has ended, all symbols will return back to normal. 

Easter Island Re-spin

Expanding Reels

At first glance Easter Island might look like any other slot with a 5×3 set-up, but nothing is as it seems.  Things will start changing, and get a lot more interesting, when you hit a winning combination with at least 4 identical symbols. This will cause the reels to expand. When hitting a 4-of-a-kind win, the reels will grow 2 rows taller. This means that the set up will change to 5×5. During this set-up the paylines will increase from 27 to 65 paylines. When hitting a winning combination with five identical symbols, the reels will even grow 4 rows taller. This results in a large set-up of 5×7 and a whopping 103 paylines. The expanded reels will only last during the re-spin. When the re-spin is over, winnings will be awarded and the set-up will return back to normal.

Expanding Wilds

Besides the regular win symbols, Easter Island also has Wild symbols. The Wilds are only present on the 2nd and 4th reel. Since there are no scatter, free spins or bonus symbols in this slot – the Wild symbol can substitute all symbols. If you land a Wild symbol during a winning spin, they will expand and cover the entire reel. They will stick on the reels during the re-spin as well. The most favourable situation in this slot would be to hit a winning combination with 5 identical symbols + 2 Wilds. This would mean you’ll receive a re-spin in which there are 103 different paylines, and two full reels would be covered with Wild symbols. The max win in Easter Island is 47000 coins. Other Yggdrasil slots that feature expanding Wilds with re-spins are Cyrus the Virus and Draglings.


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