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Fruitoids slot

What kind of fruit it is exactly, we don’t know. But what we do know is that the Fruitoids slot can give you countless hours of fun. Just like all the other Yggdrasil slots, the Fruitoids slot belongs to the absolute top of online casino games. The music that you will hear while you are playing is very catchy, and it will add even more to the playing experience. The graphics of this game are top notch as always with great looking animations, which give it a real outer space theme. The strange pieces of fruit are symbols with which you can make winning combinations in the Fruitoids slot. These have all the colors of the rainbow and can be found in all shapes and sizes in a game setup of five rows and three reels. Around the Fruitoids videoslot you can find all the necessary descriptions and options that go with the game. On the sides you will see numbers ranging between 1 and 25. When you hold your mouse cursor on these numbers you can see the paylines that are active in the Fruitoids mobile slot. On these paylines you can make winning combinations in the Fruitoids slot and possibly win insane amounts of money!

There are a number of special features that make the Fruitoids slot very attractive as a game. When you make any kind of winning combination, this combination will stay in place. At that point you will get a free spin which may extend your current combination. As a result of this your screen may keep spinning until it is entirely filled up with the same piece of extra-terrestrial fruit! Next to that, you could also make use of the multipliers of the Fruitoids slot. For every additional reel that you fill up with the same symbol your multiplier will go up.  Once your screen is filled up with one type of symbol, your already enormous win will be multiplied an amazing five times! This makes every single spin on the Fruitoids slot very promising, because even a single combination of only three symbols could end up being a super mega win. Press that button once and watch your win of a few cents go up to an astounding amount of money!

All of the different symbols in the Fruitoids slot have a different value. This can range between 20 coins for one payline and no less than 500 coins for a full payline. The rule of thumb that you can follow is that the bigger and rounder the piece of fruit is, the more money you will get. The big purple ball shaped fruit will give you the biggest win by far. If your screen fills up with this symbol, you will have 25 paylines of 500 coins. This alone will get you 12,500 coins, which will also be multiplied by five. That ends up being an amazing 62,500 coins for a single spin on the Fruitoids slot! There are a number of similarities with the Winterberries slot, however the good thing about the Fruitoids videoslot is that it can be played by both online casino players with a very limited budget and high rollers. The coin value can be adjusted between 0.0032 and 2, which strongly influences your bet size. The minimum bet with all paylines active is only 8 eurocents. That is less than most online casino slots available anywhere. At the same time you can also bet 50 euros per spin, so if you like to gamble then the Fruitoids slot is definitely great for you as well!

With all these wonderful features you could end up having a huge win at the Fruitoids slot without a single doubt. This can also been seen in the return to player (RTP) percentage of the game. This is 96.7% and is certainly no less than most online casino slots anywhere. Any type of player will appreciate this machine without a doubt. Persons who enjoy nice animations and catchy tunes of the highest quality will be satisfied with all Yggdrasil slots. With the Fruitoids slot you can also play extremely safe with the low bet of only 8 eurocents per spin. At the same time the Fruitoids mobile slot is very enjoyable for serious players with a higher budget. If you place the maximum bet of 50 euros per spin and your screen fills up with one type of symbol, your day is made. In that case you just won 135,000 euros with a single click of a button on the Fruitoids slot! Regardless of your bet size and what you find important in an online casino game, the Fruitoids slot will meet the requirements of any type of player. That is why it is definitely recommendable to try it out at your favourite Yggdrasil casino, so you can form your own opinion. The only thing you might regret is not increasing your bet size before your screen filled up with that big purple piece of fruit from outer space.

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