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Incinerator slot

In the Incinerator slot by Yggdrasil Gaming it is your job to destroy garbage. That doesn’t sound all that interesting, but we are talking about space trash, so at least that makes it a lot more attractive. The idea is that excessive parts of a space ship need to be burned and this can be done by making winning combinations. The space trash exists in six different types, ranging from a yellow triangle to a red-grey object that looks like a pack of cigarettes. The most valuable symbol in the Incinerator videoslot is the blue ball, because that one will give you no less than 200 coins per full combination. The least interesting type of garbage is the orange cilinder, which will only give you 60 coins per full pay line. This is of course combined with a bunch of different features that make the Incinerator slot unique as a game, but we will explain those at a later stage. The sounds and the background music of the Incinerator casino game really set the mood. That makes the gambling even more exciting and the tension only increases as the game goes on.

Falling symbols and new combinations

There are several other games that make use of the feature with falling symbols, just like the Incinerator slot. This idea is also called the ‘avalanche feature’ and this will remove existing symbols from the game screen. When you make a winning combination in the Incinerator casino game then this combination will disappear, after which the empty area is filled up with new symbols. You as a player can then make new combinations after that, possibly leading to the one re-spin after the other. This type of feature is also used in the Incinerator slot, so you will understand that this is the way how you are supposed to get rid of the space trash. Make a winning combination from the left to the right of at least three symbols and watch this part of your screen go up in flames. Many games that have the avalanche feature apply a multiplier to your win after several re-spins, but that is not the case with the Incinerator mobile slot. In this game you are supposed to get at least three re-spins in a row, because at that point the Wild Patterns feature is activated.

incinerator videoslot

Special feature with wild patterns

The avalanche feature is very interesting on its own, but it is not necessarily a new thing. There is one other feature to be found in the incinerator slot which is truly unique. The so-called ‘Wild Patterns’ are shown on the right side of your screen on a small neon orange square at all times. Normally these patterns will not affect your progress in the game at all, but this changes when you get three subsequent spins in the Incinerator videoslot. At that point a bunch of wild symbols is placed in your game screen and they will appear in the same pattern that is shown on the right side of the game. As a result you are pretty much sure of getting a nice win in the Incinerator slot and that will probably lead to another re-spin as well. If you get three more re-spins after activating the ‘Wild Patterns’ then the same feature is repeated. That means more wild symbols are placed in your screen yet again and this way you can keep enjoying this game feature time after time. Perhaps more important is that your winnings will also keep increasing, because a good result is of course one of the biggest reasons why we play the Yggdrasil slots at an online casino.

incinerator casino game

General impression of this casino game

At first you may think that the Incinerator slot is nothing new, because the avalanche feature can also be found in other games. The Pyrons slot has the falling symbols as well, so we have seen this type of feature in the Yggdrasil slots before as well. But once you activate the ‘Wild Patterns’ then you will find out that this game has things that you haven’t seen before. The Incinerator casino game brings plenty of new things to the table and it is entertaining as well. This game may be about destroying space trash, but playing the Incinerator slot is a whole more interesting than that. It shouldn’t be a problem to have a good playing session on this slot, because the pace rarely ever slows down. If you are not so sure yet about the quality of the Incinerator videoslot then we would recommend you to first try your luck for free on this website. On this page you can play for free and thereby explore every single feature yourself. Once you are ready to try your luck and play for real money then you can simply visit one of the online casinos that are recommended by us. You can register an account within just a few minutes and start playing right after.

incinerator slot

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