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Jokerizer slot

Jokerizer slot is the very first video slot by Yggdrasil gaming. It looks like they immediately struck gold with the jokerizer videoslot too, because the game was a success straight away. This is of course for a very good reason, because it really is just a fantastic game. For starters, the animations are beautiful and the entire game runs very smoothly. The atmosphere of the Jokerizer slot is that of a carnival, in which the attractions are shown in the background with a purple glow coming from the neon lighting. Even the background music is typical for a carnival, but at least it sounds a lot more pleasant than it normally does. The fruit symbols in the Jokerizer videoslot are shiny and pretty, and are inviting you to come and place a wager yourself. The entire video slot is just good fun, and the atmosphere that has been created is unlike any other. The whole carnival environment is topped off with the joker, which of course cannot be missed in a game called the Jokerizer slot. This joker will regularly come over to have a look, and is also responsible for the nicest and must important happenings in the game. Even online casino players who don’t usually like the carnival will definitely enjoy this. The jokerizer slot combines everything that is fun about the old fashioned slot machines with the flashiness and the attractiveness of modern video slots.

Just like with other Yggdrasil slots, the point is to make a nice combination with the given symbols. This is possible on 5 different bet lines that go from the left to the right, and on 5 bet lines that go from the right to the left on a screen with three rows and five reels. The coin value can be set between 0.01 and 2.00, making this video slot suitable for both the average player as for the high roller. To make a combination, the Jokerizer slot uses the most classic of all the symbols. These would be the cherries, the lemons, the grapes, the bell, the seven and the star. These go up in value, and the best combination under these symbols is five stars, which gives 400 coins. Next to these six symbols the Jokerizer slot has one more very special symbol. This is of course the Joker, which can come to give you a whole lot of money. The joker functions as a scatter symbol, and when you get three of these symbols on any place in your screen you will get a ‘mystery win’. This is a random prize between 1000 and 6000 coins. Are these three jokers aligned horizontally or diagonally? Then you will receive 6000 coins guaranteed! The payback percentage, also known as the ‘return to player’ (RTP) with the basic game is 88.8% in the Jokerizer mobile slot. This is not exceptionally high, but everything changes when you are playing in Jokerizer mode with the Jokerizer slot. From that moment on, the return to player will shoot up to an absolutely insane 106.1%. This makes an average payback percentage of 98.0%, an RTP which would make any veteran video slot player excited.

The Jokerizer mode in the Jokerizer slot, in which you have such an insane chance of winning, is activated as soon as anything is won. A win in the basic game will show up in the top of your screen, after which you can choose between two options. Either you collect your winnings, or you play with your winnings in the special mode. Technically it is a lot more feasible to play in this mode in the Jokerizer slot, because your chances of winning are much higher then. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to make an additional combination. During the special mode of the Jokerizer slot you will get the ‘mystery win’ as soon as there are only two joker symbols anywhere on your screen. In that case you will receive a random win anywhere between 20 and 6000 coins. When you receive a mystery win, the Jokerizer mode is ended immediately. Let’s be fair, at that point you’ve had enough handed to you already! The other method of ending this mode in the Jokerizer slot is by simply collecting your winnings. The number that is shown in the top of your screen will then be added to your balance. From that point you can continue playing in the basic mode.

With the idea of a so called upper game and under game, this very first Yggdrasil mobile slot makes one think of the classic fruit machines. But both the return to player and the animations, the interface and the sound effects make Jokerizer belong to the most modern and advanced video slots available anywhere. So what it comes down to is that both the old slot machine veterans and the new video slot fanatics will be able to enjoy this jokerizer videoslot to the limit. It is advisable for anyone to go see this virtual carnival, and look for the joker. He will undoubtedly be very happy to see you, because the quality and quantity in prizes that he gives are downright insane. Jokerizer slot can be found at any Yggdrasil casino. Also read about the other Yggdrasil slots that are now available, like for example the Robotnik slot.

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