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Magic Mushrooms slot

Update: Yggdrasil recently removed Magic Mushroom from their game selection. You can still read our full review of this offline slot below, or check the list of available slots here.

After the recent Fruitoids slot, this latest addition to the Yggdrasil slots is again a very original one. Not only is the theme magical and refreshing, but the setup of the game is simply ground breaking. Open the Magic Mushrooms slot and find yourself in a magical dell, where soothing flute music can be heard. It will not stay quiet for long when you start playing the Magic Mushrooms slot, because here you can get the most insane wins in a number of completely new ways! The game looks a lot different in the Magic Mushrooms videoslot compared to what you are used to with the other Yggdrasil slots. For starters, you can win from both ways, both from the left to the right as from the right to the left. The symbols in the Magic Mushrooms slot will show in a screen that is not rectangular but diamond shaped. Thereby the five reels do not hold equal amounts of symbols: The first and the fifth reel have three symbols, the second and the fourth column have four symbols, and the middle column has no less than five symbols.

With this interesting setup the Magic Mushrooms slot offers the player 20 pay lines which go both ways. Practically that comes down to no less than 40 pay lines! Several different types of magical forest animals will help you in the shape of symbols with which you can make combinations. This starts with four different insects which will give you a relatively lesser win. There are also four magical animals that somewhat resemble monkeys, bees, frogs and lizards. The purple animal of the Magic Mushrooms slot that resembles a monkey will give you no less than 1000 coins in a full pay line. But it is not so much the single combinations that are most interesting in the Magic Mushrooms slot. As the name of the Magic Mushrooms mobile slot gives away, there are also very special mushrooms to be found. Those are the symbols that you should be looking for to get that big win in the Magic Mushrooms slot.

There are different types of mushrooms that can be found in the Magic Mushrooms slot, which all have a different appearance and a different function. On the first and the last reel of the game you can find the purple mushroom, which will work as a wild symbol. This is the least interesting mushroom in the Magic Mushrooms slot. The other two mushrooms work as a wild symbol as well, but they also have an additional function. The blue mushroom in the Magic Mushrooms videoslot can be found on the second and the fourth reel of the game, and it works as a wild symbol as well as a multiplier. This blue mushroom will multiply your win two to ten times! The red mushroom can be found only on the third and middle column of the Magic Mushrooms slot. Next to the fact that it works as a wild symbol for combinations that go both ways, it will actually create additional wild symbols for you! When you see a red mushroom appear in the middle reel of the Magic Mushrooms slot, you will see up to four additional wild symbols grow in random places of the game. The extra wild symbols that come of this can take the shape and color of any type of mushroom. That means that a red mushroom in the Magic Mushrooms slot can create more red mushrooms, until your entire screen is full of wild symbols!

As if these very special mushrooms were not yet enough to give you an amazing in in the Magic Mushrooms slot, there is one more special symbol available. This little symbol looks somewhat like a glowing snail and functions as a scatter symbol in the Magic Mushrooms mobile slot. If you get three to five of these symbols in any place of the game, you could get 10 to 75 free spins! During the free spins the mushrooms will be all over the place, making sure that you get that big win. You can also get additional free spins when you find two to five scatter symbols during the free spins in the Magic Mushrooms slot. With all of these amazing features the Magic Mushroom is a magical goldmine and one of the most original Yggdrasil slots. Try this fantastic game now at your favourite Yggdrasil casino. With a return to player (RTP) of 96.4% the chance to get a big win is within your reach. You may be the next big winner on the Magic Mushrooms slot! Of course you will be able to use all the standard functions that the Yggdrasil slots offer, such as the automatic spins and changing all settings. The minimum bet is 40 cents and the maximum bet is 80 euro per spin. It is possible to win a lot of money on every single spin, so try it out now!

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