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Niagara Falls slot

Regardless of where you’re from, you’ve probably heard of the Niagara Falls at one point or another. These are the world-famous waterfalls which are located on the international border between Canada and the United States of America and they’ve achieved a legendary status. But that isn’t what this article is about. Because in this case, we’re going to be having a closer look at a videoslot by Yggdrasil Gaming which happens to go by the same name. According to the makers, it is a 1930’s-inspired slot which will have you drowning in cascading coins. And yes, of course there will be plenty of references to the actual waterfalls!

This online casino game kind of looks like an old-fashioned cash register. It doesn’t give you the option to enter any numbers, of course, but it does have a limited number of buttons which will let you operate the game. Plus of course plenty of coins on which can actually be inserted into the register! Fun fact: the coins that you get to see in the Niagara Falls slot show the maple leaf from the flag of Canada. So, I suppose that would be refence number one!

Niagara Falls game properties

The game itself consists of five reels and three rows. Those contain all of the classic fruit symbols that you have undoubtedly seen before, like grapes, oranges, cherries, sevens, the BAR-symbols and golden bells. And you can use them to make winning combinations from the left-most reel towards the right on twenty different pay lines. But that isn’t all this game has to offer, of course. Because there are also plenty of special symbols to be found, as well as several bonus features which may provide you with some serious winnings!

Let’s start with the special symbols of the Niagara Falls slot. First and foremost, there’s the wild symbol. It simply looks like an orange circle on a blue background and it has the word ‘wild’ written on it. So, I guess you could say that one is pretty obvious. The wild symbol can land on any reel and it may also appear in different shapes and sizes. You will however need to activate a bonus feature for alternative types of wilds. And the available bonus features in this game are as follows:

The Coin Drop Bonus Feature

The second special symbol that we’re going to mention is the gold coin. We’re not looking at any of the coins that are shown on the sides or on top of the game screen, by the way. What we’re talking about is a gold coin symbol which may appear on the last reel at any time. Whenever that happens, the coin will be inserted into the slot in the top of your screen. It will make its way down while bouncing off the different pegs that are placed all over the reels. The result of this feature will then depend on what’s shown underneath the reel where it ends up.

Coin Drop Feature
Wild Trail

Available bonuses include ‘wild’ which will turn all symbols in the coin trail into wild symbols; The ‘free spins’ result will of course activate the free spins bonus game; Shake will provide you with 1 added shake bonus to the shake counter; Stacked spin will let the reels re-spin with stacked symbols; Multiplier bonus will multiply the winnings from your current spin with 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x.

Niagara Falls Free Spins Bonus

Another special symbol that you may run into while playing the Niagara Falls slot is the bonus symbol. That one looks like a barrel with the word ‘bonus’ written on it which is surrounded by gold coins. Those can land on reels 1, 3 and 5 and if you manage to find three of those at the same time then you will immediately receive 5 free spins. During the free spins bonus feature, the bonus slots in the bottom of your screen will only have the ‘wild’ bonus text displayed. As a result, entire reels can turn into stacked wilds. And those will stay locked in place until the end of the bonus game.

Free Spins Wild Reels

Cash Fall Bonus Feature

There is one more game function which you can run into. The Cash Fall Bonus can be randomly activated after every spin. When this happens, the symbols will disappear from the reels and coins will start falling down from the top of your screen. These will of course go into random directions because of the pegs that are placed on the reels. And then it’s up to lady luck to decide on which reel they end up. Because underneath every reel you will see the amount of money you will win for every single gold coin. So, with a little luck, the super coins will end up in the right place and as a result you will end up with an impressive prize!

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