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Nirvana slot

By playing the Nirvana slot by Yggdrasil Gaming you will almost literally end up in heavenly surroundings. This term happens to come from Buddhism and Hinduism, where it is a reference to the calmness of the mind. It seems that the Nirvana casino game has a theme that is completely based upon mythical stories, because you can find all kinds of well-known figures in this slot. There are for example four different types of animals to be found that are not usually found in daily life… but they can be found in those mythological stories! Think for example of the rabbit with the antlers of a deer, the scaled dragon, the phoenix or the gryphon. Those are combinations of animals that are usually only found in books and movies. They can also be seen in the Nirvana slot as symbols with which you can make winning combinations, but we’ll explain how that works at a later point. There are also three magical ladies who might appear in the Nirvana mobile slot, after which they will give you incredible game features, so you are in for quite the experience!

Technical properties of the game

In total there are ten different symbols to be found in the Nirvana slot. This includes eight normal symbols with which you can make combinations, a wild symbol and a free spins symbol. The most valuable normal symbols in the Nirvana slot are the animals that we just mentioned and next to that you can find four other – less interesting – types of icons. The most impressive animal is the phoenix, also known as the magical bird which is shown on a red tile. A single combination of five phoenixes in a row will give you 250 coins, which could mean a very decent win for you. The wilds can replace all other types of symbols except for the free spins symbol, making it a lot easier to make winning combinations. Winning combinations can be made from the left to the right in the Nirvana slot on 20 different and standard pay lines. These are placed on a game screen with five reels and three rows, just like with most other Yggdrasil slots. The amount of money that you place in bets can be changed by adjusting the coin value. You can change the coin value between 0.01 and 2.00, which means that the minimum bet equals 20 eurocents per spin and the maximum bet equals 40 euros per spin. This will make this online casino game appropriate for players with pretty much any budget.

nirvana slot

Free spins and re-spins

It really is pretty obvious what the free spins symbol will do, because they will award you with free spins in the Nirvana slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. These symbols are shown as glowing pink flowers and other than with most games they will work in your favour when you find only two or more in your screen during a single bet. With two flowers you will always get a free re-spin, but things will really start working in your favour when you find three flowers or more. In that case you will always get 10 free spins in the Nirvana casino game. This number may be reset at any time as well if you find new free spins symbols, so the actual amount of spins that you can get may be a lot larger. With four flowers you will also get an additional win of 1000 coins and with five flowers you will get 5000 coins extra. The flowers of the Nirvana slot can be used in any location of your screen, so they do not need to be found on an active pay line in order to activate the feature. The best part of the free spins and re-spins in the Nirvana mobile slot is that there are three very interesting game features connected to it. These may lead to some very impressive wins for the player…

nirvana yggdrasil

Three types of game features

The three types of game features of the Nirvana slot all have to do with magical ladies. You can choose for yourself which one you will use when the 10 free spins bonus game is activated, but during the single re-spins you will have to do with a random selection. In other words, your selection is left to the gods if you only find two pink flowers in the game. With three or more flowers you will get a screen in the Nirvana video slot that has three options. The first one is a woman that has four arms and four glowing green balls. She will give you ‘wild seeds’ on every single spin, which will lead to two to four wilds that are planted at random in your game screen. The second option is a woman with a white dress and a mask that is shaped like the sun. This one will create three conjoined reels in the middle of your screen, giving you a fairly big chance of getting a big win on every single spin. The third woman of the Nirvana slot kind of looks like a bird. She will provide you with a ‘nudge reels’ effect, which will push down a reel so that the game will give you the highest possible win. There is only one way to experience this game and that is by trying it for yourself. Play for free on this page right now or visit one of the casinos that are recommended by us in order to play for real money.

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