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Orient Express Slot

All aboard! This train will depart soon and it will take you east, all the way to Istanbul! The Orient Express will let you board in Paris, after which you will travel through several interesting cities which are all on the way to the orient. And a change of scenery is always nice, especially if this affects the game in such a way that you get to try different types of bonus features in every single location! You can experience this Yggdrasil casino game with a minimum of twenty cents per spin, or a maximum of a hundred euros per spin. This will make the train blast forward at full speed and provide you with an extremely entertaining gambling experience. But the Orient Express slot has more to offer than just a changing background… Because it looks pretty good as well! The curtains will slowly wave from the left to the right and back while you are looking through the window of your train cart and that way you will fully experience every single city you encounter. The theme and the look of this game might remind you a little bit of the Cazino Zeppelin slot by the way. They both have a so-called ‘steam punk’ look and they also share a number of the same symbols. The bonus features that you will come across really are quite different here though, so you won’t need to worry about a lack of originality.

Winning in the Orient Express slot

Different types of symbols will appear on the train window are you try your luck on this videoslot by Yggdrasil Gaming. This concerns a bunch of different characters of course and they all have a different value connected to them. As usual, you can make winning combinations from the left to the right on twenty different pay lines and the amount of money you can win by getting five in a row is as follows. The lady with the blond hairs and the white collar is worth the most with 1000 coins. The gentleman with the blond hair who is shown on a blue background is worth almost as much with 900 coins, while the man in the green pullover and the tie is worth 800 coins. The older man in the brown suit with the grey moustache will give you 750 coins, followed by the lesser characters. This includes the red hearts worth 100 coins, blue spades worth 100 coins, green clubs worth 75 coins and purple diamonds worth 75 coins.

orient express slot

A different feature in every city

Taking the train will of course let you traverse through a bunch of different places. This isn’t any different in the Orient Express slot by Yggdrasil. Regardless of how much you’re betting or what you select upon opening the game, you will always start your travels in Paris. There you will see the Eiffel Tower through the window and so on. Then, once you complete the free spins bonus game in Paris, you will continue to the second city which is Venice. After that you will go to Belgrade and finally to Istanbul. So you won’t actually end up in the orient while playing this game, but at least you’re heading in the right direction! The location of the train is a lot more important than you think by the way. It isn’t just aesthetics, because the city in which you have stopped will also determine which type of bonus feature is active at the moment! In Paris you will make use of the conductor wild who can simply walk into your game screen at any given time. They will walk from the right to the left with one space per spin and they will replace all other characters in the game with the exception of the scatter. Furthermore, every spin with a conductor will count as a free re-spin, so it’s almost like being in the bonus game, even though you didn’t get there yet. In Venice, a small clock will show in the top of your screen. This will randomly determine whether or not a prize from a winning game round is multiplied 2 to 5 times. In Belgrade, little trains will pass by, coming from the right, and they will stop randomly. And whenever they do you may get 1 to 3 wild reels at the same time. Finally there is Istanbul and that is when you should write some postcards. In this city, postcards will fly through your screen constantly and once they land they will cover certain symbols in your screen, turning them into wilds… 2 to 12 of them at the same time!

Win more in the free spins

The same features get better in the free spins. Three scatters will give you 7 free spins, four will give you 15 spins, and five are worth 30 spins, with a possible re-trigger. During this bonus game, the bonus features above are even more interesting than usual. For example, there will be more conductors in Paris, guaranteed multipliers in Venice, guaranteed 1 to 3 wild reels in Belgrade, and 2 to 12 random wild symbols in Istanbul!

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