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Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot

This game will provide you with yet another magical experience. The Ozwin’s Jackpots slot was of course created by Yggdrasil Gaming and it will teach you how to be a proper wizard. Or well, not really… It looks wonderful and it has a really cool magic theme, but obviously it won’t teach you any magic tricks. It will give you a fun gaming experience though, as well as a very good chance of walking away with a big prize! For example, it has three different types of bonus games which may be activated at any given time and there are also five different jackpots that you can win. But before you try your luck on the Ozwin’s Jackpot videoslot by Yggdrasil Gaming you will get to see a short introduction video. This is no different than with many other games that were made by this online casino software provider, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The magic of Ozwin’s Jackpots

You will first see a young man with brown hair and a little goatee walking up to a green crystal (kind of like what happened in the opening clip of the Chibeasties 2 slot, except it ends differently). This young man will pick up the stone with an astonished look on his face and after that he will get some kind of a vision with an old wizard. Then he simply walks towards a valley with shining stones and a large white owl lands on his shoulder. So, what did we learn from this video? Not much, really… This particular game seems to have something to do with wizards, owls and magic stones and that is pretty much all we know at this time. But that isn’t really what’s important. The idea behind the Ozwin’s Jackpots slot is still old fashioned gambling at an online casino and that is something it seems to be doing very well. You can bet with 20 cents to 40 euros per spin, let the reels turn and hopefully make a winning combination from the left to the right on any of the twenty different pay lines. If you manage to get five of the same symbols in a row then this is what you can win: White owls are worth the most with 4000 coins, the young man with the brown hair is worth 2000 coins, the golden plate on the green background is worth 1000 coins, the bottle with the blue liquid is worth 750 coins, the red hearts are worth 200 coins, the purple spades are worth 175 coins, the green clubs are worth 150 coins, and the pink diamonds are worth 125 coins.

ozwins jackpots slot

Win five different jackpots

Many videoslots on the internet will offer you a bonus game, but the Ozwin’s Jackpots slot does this a little differently. Because it will give you access to no less than two of them! This includes are regular bonus game and the free spins feature, the last of which can be activated in two different ways. For starters, you can win ten spins by finding three blue magic balls with the words ‘free spins’ written underneath them. And if you find three or four of those characters then you will win a prize of 1000 coins or 10000 coins respectively as well. Furthermore you can also activate the free spins feature by finding five identical crystals during the base game. In that case you will receive a magic orb in addition to your 10 free spins, which can be very important when you’re looking to win a jackpot in this game. During the free spins, all prizes from winning combinations are tripled, while you can also win any of the five jackpots by collecting five of the same types of magic orbs. In the top of your screen you will see how many orbs you have found so far and how much every type of jackpot is worth at the moment.

The bonus game of this slot

An impressive feature with free spins and five different types of jackpots is of course already quite impressive, but as I had mentioned before, there is also another type of bonus game which you may run into while playing the Ozwin’s Jackpots slot. In order to do so, you will need to find either three, four or five bonus symbols (magic books) during a single spin. Three books will activate the bonus game, while four and five books will also provide you with 1000 and 10000 coins respectively. In this bonus game you will become the wizard who has to open the right spells. Open up to 18 books in order to find either coin prizes, crystals or an evil spell which will end the bonus game straight away.

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