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Penguin City Slot

Sometimes things appear to be just fine from a distance, but when you take a closer look you realize that nothing could be less true. Such is the case in Penguin City, a food court run by the shadiest character ever known to the Yggdrasil world: Emperor Penguin! A regular Asian food stand from afar, but when looking closer it’s filled with dripping leftovers and insects you’d rather not see crawling in your food. EEK! To make matters even worse, the emperor shows no mercy to his goofy underlings, who are forced to work in terrible conditions. It’s no wonder that these tiny penguins are desperately looking for a way out of this place of misery. Spin the reels and help these friendly fellows to finally get a taste of freedom!

Penguin City Basics

Not that we ever expected anything else, but Yggdrasil’s graphic team has once again delivered a fine piece of art with this slot. From the symbols to the moving lights in the background, this slot really does transport players to an Asian style animal kingdom. The slot consists of a pretty standard set-up of five reels and three rows. However, it doesn’t contain any win lines. Instead, the game has a whopping 243 win ways.

Not familiar with win ways? This simply means that you can win by landing identical symbols on three or more reels in a row. For example, identical symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3 will result in a reel. But identical symbols on reels 1, 2 and 4 will not. An added benefit of Penguin City is that wins pay both ways. Meaning that they not only pay from the leftmost reel to the right, but also from the rightmost reel to the left). The coin value in this slot can be set between 0.004 and 5, meaning that bets are possible from 10 cents per spin up to 125 euro per spin.

Main Game

Penguin City consists of 9 regular win symbols, which are divided in 4 low paying symbols and 5 high paying symbols. The low paying symbols are the card suit (clubs, diamond, hearts and spades) symbols, of which hearts is the highest paying. This symbol will pay up to 70 coins if part of a combination of 5 identical symbols. The high paying symbols are all food related. There is a butchers knife, a bowl of soup, a fishy pan, soy sauce and some take away noodles. The last one is the highest paying symbol which pays up to 250 coins in a combination of 5.

Penguin City Wild symbool

Besides the regular win symbols, there is one other symbol that can appear during the main game. This is the Wild symbol, which functions as a symbol substitution. During the main game the Wild symbol only appears on the 2nd and 4th reel. Is a Wild symbol part of a win? Than you’re in luck! This will trigger the Penguin Escape Mode.

The Penguin Escape Mode

When the Penguin Escape Mode is triggered, you will no longer find yourself outside a food court. Instead, the background will change to give you a peek in the kitchen. A group of imprisoned penguins will appear on the left side of the reel. During each spin, one of the penguins will try to make their great escape. When a penguin manages to escape successfully, they will either add a Wild symbol if it’s a winning spin, or create a winning combination if it’s a losing spin. Wild symbols will stick to their position during the entire escape mode. Penguins that don’t manage to escape will fall down the conveyor belt and are unfortunately not destined to experience freedom. The Penguin Escape mode is highly entertaining due to its funny animation, as penguins try to jump to their freedom on two bouncing devices.

But beware – the escaping friends are only brave enough to attempt to breakout when they’re alone.  There is one penguin who does not want his minions to escape at all! The emperor can throw a spanner in the works by appearing on the third reel during the Escape Mode. The little penguins will be too scared to escape, however the Stacked Emperor Wild symbol will thankfully generate some different luck for you. This stacked Wild covers a full reel, and will guarantee a win! The symbol will move down 1 reel position after each spin. The spins will continue until there is a spin with no wins.

This highly amusing Yggdrasil slot has a low volatility and is perfect for players who enjoy regular wins.



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